Ultrafire C3 XML

Hello my first MOD

Ultrafire C3 With XML Dropin High-Mid-Low

More Than 3 Amps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea8GmpKjppc

Now that is pushing it!

Hope you are using IMR or LiFePO4 cells.


I love C3s.

Despite all the problems they have.

Now time to get the fresh bread out of the oven. Can't beat the smell of freshly baked bread.

Lol :bigsmile: 1 second to blow that balloon, 1 minute to blow your hand >)

Or, if it is a bad day, your whole arm....


You can smoke a cig. It is not for along trip.It is for short needing light-real light

This is what it made for

hehe..that's a neat amount of heat. :)

I think i can do that with the DRY, will try....

Balloon popping is a pre-requisite for LPFers. :)

sorry to resurrect such an old post - but what driver were you able to fit in there that does 3A?

I blieve you can cram a 17mm driver in it, at least a 16mm which can be a 17mm one sanded down. The KD 3A might fit.

Is it possible to pop a baloon that way? I think i cannot possibly do it even with an overdriven XM-L in a p60 host!?!

yes, you can pop a balloon, as shown in the video, just painted black point on which rests the light..

I hope that I did understand even if I speak bad English


I take a XM-L Dropin and rasp it fit,to put it in the host (dremel)

Now 3,3 A .UCL

and since along time-it works


thanks, sounds like a lot of work!


Oh, same trick as with lasers then? Gonna try one day.