Ultrafire C9 U2 whitout memory?

I bought two UltraFire C9 U2 torches from ebay without memory function. Is the flashlight a bad copy or is it as the seller writes:

sorry,the torch des not come with the memory.
hope you can understand.

now,many torchs donot come with memory.

any other questioins,please email us.

- brotherhuang1983


I have exactly the same torch from same seller. What I found is that it is really really really under driven. Hoping to get my fasttech order here soon and trying different driver. Being so awful on light amount, complained to seller and got few AUD back.

This has something called “next-mode memory”. So if I turn this off while using HIGH, next time when using it goes to MEDIUM mode.

EDIT (few pics from my torch):

I just received mine. I purchased it without realizing it has this useless next-mode memory. Is there any way to change it with slight modification to normal memory or at least totally disable the memory so it starts in the same mode every time? I’d really appreciate a pointer. Thanks!

Hello, I have the same problem with a UltraFire 1000LM WF-502B CREE XM-L T6 LED flashlight. There is a mod if you search “UltraFire wf-501b LED flashlight mod” on you tube it explains how to make it a one mode Off/On only but I’m not sure if it’s safe? I’ll try to post the link… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr6uEMARdZ0

I just wrote about this on another post. It is actually a C8-L or C8 deep reflector. It has a plastic hybrid reflector; that is, from emitter up about .7 inches it is OP the it transcends into a SMO reflector. It is underdriven for a thrower. My Post:

Read the whole post and comments, then you will understand.

It looks like the simplest fix would be a LED Memory Drop-in Module with the memory function…