Ultrafire Dual Led Recoil Thrower

Very interesting?

UltraFire UF-009 Supreme Dual LED Flood & Recoil Thrower 4-Mode Memory LED Flashlight (1*18650)

2 LEDs The front one looks like a XPG the other one?

Like all recoil designs, heat-sinking is a big issue, but it does look fun. Putting two LEDs onto it just make the heat problems worse.

It looks like it does not run both emitters simultaneously "Mode Arrangement: Flood > Hi > Mid > Fast Strobe". Now, what kind of LED is the one facing the reflector? It looks like it could be a XR-E by looking at the reflection in the first picture.

Sensible? No. Practical? Probably not. Awesome? Oh, yeah!

I want one. Ah, who am I kidding? I want two. :D

Agreed heartily!

I actually like this idea, provided you can select individual emitters and they are not both on at the same time.

The ultimate 3 watt thrower, with a seperate flood for traversing.

As a weopon light, you can illuminate your way through the scrub with the flood and then switch to 'laser' mode for targeting.

Presumably, it is possible to select one emitter at a time, although the UI and description doesn't make this clear with H,M,L, Strobe & SOS.

Then again, imagine replacing the recoil LED with a 3w IR led for use with NV gear!! Oooooh, makes me wanna go huntin wabbits..

Someone will have to buy one and report back..

Interesting concept but.... the price? Seems a little stiff to me

Just occurred to me that if you put the LEDs on a heatpipe, heatsinking could be dramatically improved. Embed the other end of the pipe in a big chunk of aluminium or copper and you might get enough heat out of it for it to work well.

It is probably safe to assume that it will spend most of its time being used within a few degrees either side of horizontal so it might just work.

I'm not sure I understand exactly how you mean that but that is in fact quite similar to how these recoil lights _are_ made: a "massive" (~7mm x ~25mm) copper bolt is soldered to the led and press fit into the the aluminum frame. I think some non recoil lights have worse heatsinking actually.

Welcome Sparktastic! Glad to see you're from earth I like your thinking on a dual purpose weapons light, although wouldn't you want IR instead of UV? (It's been awhile since I've had to use night-vision...hell, maybe it's changed...)

Interesting thinking on the heat-pipe idea, Don...I wonder if a usable piece could be scavenged from an old cpu cooler...

Aloha and welcome to BLF Sparktastic!

Whoops!... LMAO..

IR would certainly be more useful than UV (unless you were trying to give someone a tan at 100m).

I was tired when I wrote that.

Still, provided only one emitter was on at a time, the heatsinking issues of this light should be no worse than a standard


I thought the LED was at the front of the light facing backwards into the reflector - I assumed that was what the metal strip at the front was for. The strip looks quite thin which is why i thought replacing it with a heatpipe which can move heat far faster than even pure copper.

No it's not a thin strip but an aluminum frame which is connected to the led with the above mentioned copper bolt. I don't think the initial heatsinking is worse than an led on a star in an average pill.

EDIT: I'm not trying to say the heatsinking could not be improved by using heatpipes. :)

In the beamshot photos on Manafont, it clearly shows seperate flood and recoil beams, but I still can't work out how you select the emitter on the UI.

The front (R5) LED is switched on by the last of the four mode settings.


What is that 1200lm recoil led Cree has? I could want one.

Since it gives me an excuse to play with my camera, here's a picture of the WF-008 for comparison purposes:


Ah, I see now. I've not seen one of those except in photos and none of them up till now have shown the details of how the LED is mounted.

Thanks for the picture Oxy which makes it all clear.

No problem at all. :-)