Ultrafire F13 with four XHP50

Here is the flashlight side by side with a Mnke 26650 I was using and the two Efest IMR 26500 that are going to power the xhp50 leds.

First needed to make shorter the tailswitch assembly so epoxied the switch to the retaining ring. Also soldered one of the terminals to it and the other bypassing the spring with wire.

Then, with a small drillbit, I could make some extra space for the cells.

Dont have pics of the process but used the same method to open up the flashlight head and get rid of the led integrated shelf. Here is the head finished from the bottom side.

A friend gave me two chunks of copper and had the oportunity to use a lathe with one of them and reduce the diameter to fit the F13 head. The center bit was cutted, filed and sanded.

A Mtn FET diver was soldered to a piece of copper plumbing. Instead of soldering it to the heatsink I prefeared to attach the driver with heat resistant silicone.

Only had two noctigon boards so scratch the center pad from two non DTP copper bases an filled with solder .
Head finished with leds wired in paralel and leds base trimmed, not nice looking but it works.

This is the only optic I could find that fit the flashlight ( http://www.kaidomain.com/Product/Details.S022838 ). I think it was designed for xr-e leds but it works great for xhp50.

My DMM can only read up to 10Amps, so measured only on one led. Start up was getting 5.12A, after 20 seconds went down to 3.94A and at the 30seconds mark went up again till 4…08A (I think this behaviour is caused by the heating of the cells).

So according to this graph Djozz made https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7583/16071380949_db49996937_o.jpg each led is doing about 2800 lumens, multiplied by four leds = 11200 lumens. Not bad :bigsmile:

Finally a beamshot at third level from six (too much light in turbo mode for my camera). No dark cross. Just an even big flood light.

Excellent work. That must produce a wall of light. Massive flood.

have you worked on the A380?That is a beautiful plane I did some prototype interior fabrication for a United Emirates plane I’ve worked on 747-400s but I’ve neve seen a A380 in person they are huge !

Thanks! Yes, it’s impressive the huge amount of flood light.
Time ago I only liked throwing lights, but I mod a convoy S2+ triple xp-l and a 18500 (Firelight2 told me how to do it) and start loving big lumens flood lights, so decided to go with the F13.

BTW, forgot to mention that at first I wanted to use an omten switch, but test the original and gave nearly the same exact amps.

Oh man! Would love to work with a A380 but only with the smaller brother, the A320.

Nice build!

Great build and loving that floody beam


I was worried about the beam quality because the lens is sort of a spheric, but turned to be great.

Talk about taking the path less traveled. Very nice mod. :)

I'm quite tempted to copy it. The link for the optic isn't working from here. I imagine I can find it be measuring my F13's lens and then search Kaidomain's website.

EDIT: Opps, I just noticed I necro posted. Oh well, it's a nice mod and worth bumping

No way 5A current can give you 1W lumens.

ImA4Wheelr, here you have the link to the optic: http://www.kaidomain.com/p/S022838.4-in-1-35mm-35-Degree-High-Power-LED-Glass-Lens-1-Piece
And please, dont copy me, put inside four xhp-70.2 when they come out and overpass my mod :laughing:

tzmxxhh, as I posted, I got 4amps measuring only to one led soldered directly to my DMM with thick wires. So 4 amps multiplied by 4 leds = 16 amps. Of course those 11k lumens are led lumeens, not OTF.

My mistake, I thought the 5A is the total current.
100W! These batteries are really good.

Yes, is really impressive.
Now I’m charging the batteries and make another meassurement with a nw clampmeter I have. I’ll post a photo of it.

Thank you for the link A380. I really like how that optic fits in the bezel and I dig how you didn't let the LED shelf get in your way for using 2 cells.