Ultrafire Flashlight Vs Superfire Flashlight


See why the Ultrafire outweighs the Superfire. There is plenty of information available on the internet forums and online stores reviews when you are looking for Ultrafire flashlight vs Superfire flashlight. This is really an issue to decide which one is better than other, and many people find themselves helpless when they have to buy a flashlight and they don’t know which one to opt for. This is a matter of choice, but features and durability are two decisive factors in this regard and most of the would-be-buyers are interested to know the life of the light, battery consumption and the intensity of light.

Superfire is a 12 V light and the level of intensity is not that much that it actually can’t light space as a 12V light should do. The intensity of light it gives is 120 lumen which is quite low for a 12V light. The beam quality and the amount of light Superfire gives is far less than Ultrafire. This is the reason why people are inclined towards Ultrafire. Ultrafire has a 26mm jack, which is the standard universal size for flashlight lamps, thus giving you good flexibility to change the lamp if you ever need to do so.

When you compare Ultrafire flashlight vs Superfire flashlight has a strong and focused beam and the beam is not dispersed as it is in the Superfire. The beam quality is often the first gauge to measure the quality of light products and Ultrafire owns and boasts to have one of the best. Another problem with Superfire is that its light gets hot after some time and heats up the place where the light is focused. Heating of the light may be dangerous as it may harm skin tissues and cause other problems.

Ultrafire does not heat up and produces a uniformly focused beam over time. The beam does not start to disperse after some time as it does with Superfire. The quantity of heat carried through the beam of the Superfire can be intense and the batteries discharges at fast pace. This is not the case with Ultrafinee. It’s beam doesn’t carry heat with it and batteries power supply is used much more efficiently.

When you carry out your own research Ultrafire flashlight VS Superfire flashlight, you will come to know that Ultralight is far superior to Superfire. It is its remarkable features and reliability which makes it the clear choice in comparison. Reviews show that two lights give totally different results and there’s no similarity in their performance. The beam quality, greater standby time and above all reliability make Ultrafire lights superior to superfire lights.

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