Ultrafire Knives?

Are they junk or are they decent?

Not bad looking...

I’ve been waiting for this question. Everybody has ultrafire lights but I hear nothing about their knives. Fishinfool has one in his video and he laughed when he pointed it out. Of course he had other things going on at the time.

I think we need input from Fishinfool.

I bought mine from Price Angels for $6.74 only because it was an UltraFire brand knife. It's actually not too bad. It's very sharp with a 3" blade and a little over 6.5" overall length. It weighs 84 grams. Right out of the package I was able to open and close it with one hand. There was a little play with the blade but that's about it.

I can take extra pics or even a video to compare if you guys want me to. Let me know what you want me to do.

I got one years ago. It was sharp but I didn't, and don't trust the liner lock. It can be a pain to make sure it is fully engaged. Probably some time with a file could fix this, but life is too short.

It never seems to spring into place as it ought to, I have to engage it manually.

@Fishinfool Does the lock on yours engage reliably?

It locks up just fine for me. I tried forcing it closed while it was locked open and it wouldn't budge.

Pretty standard chinese budget knives, nothing special. Likely a 440A derivative steel so they're not going to keep a great edge. The few I've held haven't really impressed me that much compared to Navy or SRM.

It definitely doesn't even come close to srm, navy or ganzo. It's just cool to me because of the UltraFire name on it.....that's all. If they sold solarforce, trustfire, or romisen knives, I'd probably buy them too.