UltraFire MCU-C88

Just received my UltraFire MCU-C88 from Manafont, and in a standard Manafont manner, pretty fast.


The build quality is very good. Machining and hard anodizing are flawless. The reflector is fairly deep, and gives a very good throw (I measured about 17000 lux/m). This light use 3xAA batteries, and have 3 useful modes (hi, med, low). Inner diameter of the body is 30.5 mm, so 26500 with some adapter should fit inside just fine. I already modded mine with XP-G R4 neutral white, but I think this driver from DX, 3x14500 and XM-L could be a good combination. This light is a really massive, so heatsinking shouldn't be a problem.


Nice mini-review Hrvoje!


Wow :O Beam shots, please :D

That's one solid light. How good is the heatsinking?

22mm driver?

Looks like a fun light to mod. It doesn't look like it would bore to take a 32600 which would be really nice since i already have two of those.

Modified that's my pick for the next blf light simple and easy .. I think I'm just a little tired of tiny light and wanta something sexy,bright and interesting , with some heft to it .

extra body tube ,extra AA holders ,xml neutral mildly driven ,a nice low and memory

is it ringy ad would an orange peel reflector help that ? is the xpg ringy , with a smooth reflector ?

more info on this one .. please !!!

Rings are pretty much an XR-E thing. With an XP-G or XM-L, OP reflectors shouldn't be necessary and you'll get more throw out of a smooth reflector.

Looks like a very interesting light , very interesting .

A few questions ....

1/ How large a base for the LED does it accept ? 12mm

2/ Current draw

3/ Looks to be a 17mm Driver ?

Would have loved to have seen a review in stock form , I think this light is an excellent idea [ 3xAA ]

Thanks for the review. Maybe I should buy one too. I already have 1xAA, 2xAA and 4xAA lights all I need is a 3xAA one to complete the row. Maybe some 6xAA Polestar and an 8xAA TK41 afterwards:)

Some more images. The led base is 15 mm, and KD XP-G R4 heatsink is 13,5 mm, so it fit fine. Yes, the driver is standard 17 mm, and the driver housing is 20 mm. There's plenty of room to play with different configurations. The threads are the same on the both sides of the body, and theoretically it is possible to made one 6xAA light if someone is willing to sacrifice another flashlight :)

I made a small centering part for XP-G led, because the hole on the reflector is made for XR-E emitter. The current draw on high is about 1 A with XP-G led, and 0,8 A with original Q5.

I have too this flashlight, very good buid quality, I like it without mod

some more pictures here:


Moviles, I like you "muscle flashlights" collection :)

Nice light, but expensive for something to mod. These Chinese makers need to get over the XR-E lights and move on to XP-G and XM-L's. With a 2.8A driver and and XM-L, you've got an AA-powered light that would just rock. But $28 plus a $10 LED and $5 driver gets kind of steep.

Thank you for the extra information ...

260g without batteries (~150g for the head/reflector assembly). ie the head assembly (less pill) of the C88 weighs much more than most P60 hosts, and nearly as much as a complete C8. The heat sinking is this thing looks capable of dealing with much higher output emitters than the XRE Q5 it comes with, but it performs so well as is that I can't see much sense in modding.

I'm with you there; I bought this light to mod it, specifically to make a 'poor man's Maelstrom' with XM-L and 26500 cell... but this light is too nice to risc messing it up when modding it. It has a tighter and brighter hotspot than my Skyline 2 on 2xCR123!

Dang... I guess I have to get a second one to mod it

If you get two then.. you'll have twice as much fun:p with 4 battery packs / 2 spares and extra body tube and ...

maybe a neutral xml not overdriven 600lm with a sexy tint .nice driver with no disco flash or bad pwm ..

EDIT : great light .. time to buy another one.. gonna mod this one to xpg and the second one to a neutral xml and play lego with the two and their parts ..:)

Great review..

Thanks for showing the internals..

I like the screen name you'll like this light it;s a fatty .. it weighs 360 grams with batteries in it .. it's a hefty beast . I think most people who have it really like it . I 'm sure i didn't know what a real thrower was until I got this light .i'm impressed , looking forward to modding it as well.

I will try take an outdoor beamshot later

Is the default driver in this thing regulated or DD? Thanks.