UltraFire MCU-C88

Agenthex why did you have to revive this thread I really want this light I have put it in my cart about a dozen times it would be so sweet with an XML driven at 2.8 amps.

I have modded my MCU C88 with XM-L T6 and NANJG105 driver, great throw capability, just get it and mod to XM-L, sure it will give you a smile :smiley:

this is TK567 and modded MCU C88 beamshot

Well, someone I know wanted a AA light, and I was trying to figure out if this is regulated or not, because the decent 2AA ones kind of are by default since they use a boost driver. It would definitely be pretty sweet w/ xml but they're flashlight noob so prolly makes no difference.

Thanks Handy, that thing is awesome.

Agenthex this light is the perfect one to create another flashlight enthusiast.

Yeah, if not regulated it's like a really fancy 3aaa light. :D

I've been wanting one of these to mod (XML/driver) since the original post. I think It would be great having a 3AA XML light (with the option to pull the carrier and use li-on). Add it to the list of lights I want to get. :)

There aren't a whole lot of duplicates of this light in your collection

My daughter asked me to provide a thrower for their newly acquired boat. My first choice was a HS-802 (since I like mine), but she cringed seeing the precautions I use when charging my 18650's. "That's not for us", she admitted.

Therefore, based on opinions from this thread, I ordered a C88, which arrived today. Build quality is impressive, from the spotless reflector to the smoothest among non-anodized threads. The clicky feels very nice. Current draw from a freshly charged eneloop triplet (4.19V) is 0.8A.

At 1m, the hotspot is 5cm wide (same as HS-802), but with a smaller corona, no rings and a much darker spill. Thus, a perfect reflector for pure throw. On the other hand, the C88's beam spread angle is larger, with distance the hotspot grows faster, lux falling.

Although the C88 can still bring out a white house at 400m (barely), the HS-802 illuminates it considerably brighter.

I should mention that my HS-802 (R2) is somewhat overdriven at 1.4A from battery (stock), so we are dealing with 75% more wattage supplied, not to mention the higher LED bin. Taking all this into account, the C88 performs great.

Daughter is happy.

Would it be possible to do a quick check w/ some alkalines to see how much they droop (esp. w/ time)?

Stay tuned ...

Ok, here are my results.

Alkalines Duracell Turbo (for toys etc.), expiration 2017, power-pack voltage = 4.82V.

As first switched on Hi 34600 lux @ 1m
after 5min on Hi plus 5min rest 30800 lux @ 1m
after 5 more min on Hi plus 5min rest 28500 lux @ 1m
after 5 more min on Hi plus 5min rest 27200 lux @ 1m
after 5 more min on Hi plus 5min rest 25600 lux @ 1m
after 5 more min on Hi plus 5min rest 24800 lux @ 1m
after 5 more min on Hi plus 5min rest 23600 lux @ 1m

Power-pack voltage 10min after last reading = 4.23V.

With fully charged Eneloops, power-pack voltage = 4.25V ... 30900 lux @ 1m.

For comparison: HS-802, fully charged Soshine 18650 ... 53000 lux @ 1m.

The actual measurements were taken at 5.0m for the C88 and at 7.0m for the HS-802, always max reading from scanning across the hotspot.

Nice! I never noticed this thread until now. I think I see a candidate for a BLF customization in the future....

Any other nice multiple AA lights in this category? While I am absolutely not a fan of long lights with 2xAA arranged in a linear fashion, I am much more interested in this 3xAA axial arrangement. Pretty unique for an AA light.

Would this light be compatible with 3x14500? Or a single big Li-Ion like a 32600 or something?

The internal diameter of the battery tube is 30.5mm so a 26600 would fit. Personally I like the idea of an extra body tube to make it a 6XAA light.

Thanks agedbriar. Seems to indicated DD, but should be ok on nimh as they're really stable voltage, even more so than lithiums. XR-e also works well on DD.

But how long is the battery carrier for sticking in a big replacement lith cell?


how long is the battery carrier for sticking in a big replacement lith cell?


60mm (Including + Button)

You suppose a 26650 would fit?

Guessing only........there's ~10mm compression space on the tailcap spring so I'd say.......probably.

The clicky retainer ring may just (!) permit a 65mm battery, but the spring would have to be shortened. As it is, it would not compress enough to hide entirely into its recess, as it would be required. Could be snipped from the top, though, without taking the tailcap assembly apart.

Did you get another one and played lego with it?

Do the threads really match 100% on both sides?

I don't have the driver or emitter yet... much less the mad match modding skills :P

plus ....

some idiot keeps buying other lights using my credit card