UltraFire MCU-C88

Yep..........the tail end of the battery tube screws onto the head perfectly.

The head end has a female thread for the pill......the head actually threads onto a protuding thread on the pill. The tail end has a male thread.

Yes it lego's .. the pill is male /male...... the tube is front female..rear male ..

I just took the pill out and screwed it into the tail cap than attached the head to the tail minus the body ..I'm wondering if it will fire up on a watch battery like a 2025

It's very cool looking just head and tail....it looks like a huge itpc9 or a 606A .. Like a triangle ..very cool now all I need is tiny 4.5 volts ///maybe 2 2025 watch batteries ..Undecided

I need to take some pictures of this :P too funny

Does anyone know if the 26650 battery will fit this?

I did the XML mod and I made a Nanjg 105 10 chip 3.5 amp driver, but with 3AAs Duraloops I can't get more than 2.5 amps. So I am looking for a Lion solution. Unless someone knows of some AAs that can deliver that kind of amperage.

Ive tried an 18650, and the tailcap wouldn't tighten.

26600 might be a fit though http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1218

I have been having trouble getting over 2 amps to my XML mod light I had a feeling the AAs could deliver the 3.5 amps I was looking for. Just out of curiosity I removed the 3AA Duraloops and taped them together and held them in the light and did a tail cap measurement. I got well over 3 amps so my question now is has anyone modified the battery holder to allow for decent amperage delivery on this light? Does anyone know of a better designed triple AA battery holder?

Are you thinking of soldiering together all the little contact connections on the holder? All the cheapo 3AA holder (like the one at KD) are crappy in that they rely on spring pressure to keep like 6 metal pieces pressed together.

Yeah as another experiment i just stuffed it full of aluminum foil and it went from 2.1 amps to 2.8 amps so yeah I am going to solder the hell out of it until I get a decent reading.

Good news for those who did the XML mod on this light, there is a fix for the cheesy battery holder.

First change the springs, I had plenty of spare P-60 drop in driver springs so I used these picked up about .3 amps.

Second lay a thick bead of solder connecting the battery contact points together with the springs like this.

Results 3.5 tailcap amps but it does sag fast since my Duraloops are brand new. Since the hotspot is much smaller than the one on the 980L it will easily overpower the bigger hotspot of the 980L.

Happy modding :)

Forget this triple AA nonsense I got plenty of Reverend Jims 18650s to try this on for size.

So I made a Nanjg 105c with 10 7135 for 3.5 amps. Perfect amperage for an XML according to Matches experiment.

Added some grommets to make the 18650s fit perfect with no rattling.

Test it with a Fluke 179 and it gets the full 3.5 amps

Added an extra o-ring to the tail cap to take the extra length of the 18650 up.

Perfection. Beats the pants off the 980L for throw now.

While adding the two 7135's, did you just piggyback them or you also provided a cooling connection to the chips' ground on the opposite side to the pins?

I piggyback them solder all three connections on the front and the one on the back and then I glue the whole driver together with Fujik to spread the heat evenly preventing hot spots. before putting it in and soldering it in place.

I don't think it fits, I saw a post about it before but I can't find it now. Someone was using an 26500.

MCU-88 XML vs 980L XML

I have a Maglite 2D rebel and i wood like to know if it can compete with these two models.


I'll order a 26650 and let you know when it gets here.


So,if i buy a mcu c-88 flashlight i am not wrong,will throw further!That's good news!

Try redoing the 7135 by the ground wire that one seams to give me trouble a lot for some reason I am not sure why. Take it off test the driver see if it pulls the 3.5 then if it does put it back on and you should be good.

I have also added only one 7135 chip before and lost all modes and got direct drive out of the driver for some reason.

The C-88 handles heat better than any other light I have because of the massive weight of it the thing weighs a ton.

Erik you have done a very cool mod! (literally, with good heatsink)

I would like to see some outside beamshots

Imagine that but white