UltraFire red 3000 mAh vs Xtar 2600 mAh from Serena

I got a lowball bid Red Ultrafire 3000 mAh battery from ebay. From what I have read here I think these are a real crap shoot. It appears I got lucky. Just wanted to share my tests so far. Hopefully will get my new DMM today so future tests will be better.

Tested in my Kegos KE-1 on low. Not sure of readings or current draw but I would guess the output to be at least 50 lumen and perhaps 80 lumen.

First test with the UltraFire red 300 mAh:

Day 1 - 9 hrs Was about an 8 hr rest to day 2.

Day 2 - 9 hrs 45 min. About 15 hr rest to day 3

Day 3 - 6 hrs and 15 min to very low amount of light. Last hour or so noticeably dimmer.

Total run time of 25 hrs on the UltraFire.

Xtar 2600 mAh from Serena:

Day 1 12 hrs 45 min with a rest of 7.5 hrs to day 2

Day 2 6hrs with a rest of 8 hrs to day 3

Day 3 6 hrs to flashing and general unsteadiness of modes.

Total run time of 24 45 minutes.

Obviously the UltraFire doesn't have an extra 400 mAh as claimed but it is in the same ballpark as the Xtar. Actually beat it by 15 min in this test but I wonder if it would have if the run / rest times were the same?

Is a roughly 25 hour run time about right for a fairly bright low on an 18650 flashlight?