UltraFire SH98 annoying next mode memory

Hey all,
I have one Ultrafire SH98 in my drawer that is perfect for my commuter bike. The annoying thing about it is the next mode memory. After every on/off the light moves to the next memory. Can i disable that in the driver, or shall i buy another driver for that?

Sorry, forgot to take a picture of the driver. Here it is.

I’m sure I did the capacitor trick on one of these years ago, five mode driver?
Sure I made it into a three mode too by bridging those empty pads, but I could be wrong.
Maybe someone who knows for sure will chime in.

In this thread:https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/12260 , you'll find discussions about the "capacitor trick" for many next mode memory drivers.

In this other thread:https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/26205 , the "pencil trick" is explained.

Thanks a lot! The pencil trick worked like a charm.