UltraFire UF-5C

This looks like it takes 5 X AA but it says 5* #2

#2 is equal to C in china so that is going to be the size of a 5c mag. Infact that is probably why it is the UF-5C.

That’s what I was thinking . A 5 C XML seems nice.

That's not a light, it's an illuminated baseball bat. Laughing

I would get it if it was Hi-Med-Low not Hi-Med-Strobe.

It would be a great baton for self defense .

Oh , and it's a flashlight as well .

It weighs 12.32oz. Walls might be a little thin .

looks like a good light to leave in car…self protection immediately comes in mind, but 5 c cells, maybe kinda heavy

Looks pretty nice. If it was $25 I'd consider getting it and swapping the driver. Would better with 4*C for just 6v. Even 3*C would be best IMO.

Well after a few IPAs last night I ordered one . We shall see how spaced the modes are. Might have to send it away hint hint

Wow the side switch has definately got me interested in this light! Could anyone that receives it please give us more info about it? I’m particularly interested in the pill size/design and its heat handling ability in general. Thanks!

me too! I would love to have a stubby (single 26650) version of this. My new favourite general use light (UF-T50) has me sold on the side switches, and a stubby version would be a long runtime, longer throw version.

It looks like they added a shorter ” tube”:http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/ultrafire-uf5c-flashlight-extension-tube-battery-adaptors-p-11252 with 18650 spacers in it for additional $9.

That tube should be able to host 2 x 26650 as well. Nice find! I wonder if there is / will be also 1 x 26650 tube available?

For me, this light seems to be a budget version of Roche F22 (1-2 x 26650, 4xC with extra extension tube)

I have high hopes for this light, It looks like it will run on every battery I have.

Got it today , very nice I will try and give more info later this weekend . Very solid , beam is OK a little ringed but only noticeable on the white wall, can be used as a lantern like the Mag lights Very cool. It uses the main body tube as the heat sink so you can screw off the head . Might get another for the other car.

Much that comes out of China is #2 :bigsmile:

I received the short tube for it today and now I can run it off 5-C batteries, 2-18650 and 2-26650 . The Manafont C8 holster fits perfectly.

This is turning into a great investment.

If this has good/mediocre regulation, I will eat my outdated alkalines!

I wish I had the time/ability to do a proper review. I think this is a well put together light. If it had Fenix written on it ,I wouldn’t argue with that.