Ultrafire UF-H6 for 38$ !

Directly from Ultrafire, limited quantity:


Select "free shipping" on second page.

Thanks, ordered… :slight_smile:

Just paid it, let’s see how good it is.

Thanks for hookin’ us up! Im ordering at least one or two :smiley:

Thank you for this link! I’ve been waiting for this headlight since Zebra came out with the 600. Cannot wait for it to arrive. My H3 is easily my favorite, despite having bought an H51 Zebralight, and this new xm-l version wil be my perfect Pacific coast Winter low-tide light. (Low tides in Winter tend toward the VERY dark hours and the clams and oysters think they are safe) Love my Zebralight , but the 600 was not in my budget…

Is there any more info on it? I was just getting ready to take the plunge on my first zebra light. Now I’m all discombobulated. I can’t imagine how good or bad the UI and modes might be.

I don’t recognize this vendor. Or the light. I suppose I’ll find out sooner or later, because I just ordered one…

Now, they do have this explanation on the site:

【Attention】 We are regular substitution for woldwide which the maker of the UltraFire article authorizes.
Some model and the cheap false article ,which are not UltraFire produced .
Because there is not a guarantee of quality at all, these false UltraFire articles please stop what they purchase

thanx for sharing !! I will order two. :heart_eyes:

2 ordered lol. yikes. Wayyy to many things on order right now. I have to let the bank account settle and start climbing again now.

gotta resist my bank savings is getting rheemed

Thats actually the official shop from Ultrafire. They basically advise you to buy from them because you can be sure not to receive fakes.

Just take a look at the "Bad list website".


Have a pleasant time at this friendly forum, prisma & byshi!

Ordered. Didnt direct me to paypal. Wait for invoice?

39 $ at Manafont with free registered air mail :wink:

Did the same for me. The page was saying something like "use IE, or ...", but I didn't bother to change the browser.

I followed the instructions, took their paypal address from that page and paid directly via paypal.

I decided to send them email to confirm that they got my order & payment. They replied promptly and everything was ok. They even shipped the light already. Good job!

If it’s anywhere close to as good as the Ultrafire UF-T50, it will be a complete success. The T50 is the first light I grab when heading out and I don’t want to carry my Fenix TK41. I love my T50

Got an email stating it was shipped! Can’t wait.

Thats 1$ more and its MF..

I have been looking for a decent headlamp for a while, just ordered this one.

You guys are a bad influence! :stuck_out_tongue: