Ultrafire UF-H6 for 39$ with Free Registered Air Mail at Manafont !

Ultrafire UF-H6 for 39$ with Registered Air Mail at Manafont ! ( free Registered Air Mail for orders over 20$ :wink: )

I’ve been waithing for a while for a budget ZebraLight H600 , and from what I’ve seen , the Ultrafire UF-H6 has the best price at Manafont.

Can’t wait to get one :bigsmile:

Best price actually is still 38$ from Ultrafire.net..

At the time I posted that thread, you couldnt get it under 43$ with registered shipping.

True ! but I prefer to pay + 1 $ to have registered air mail and shipped the same or next day from a well known vendor.

Ultrafire is also registered airmail. Shipped the next day because I ordered late.

Yes, Manafont is well known. Well known to give a sh*t.

Well that’s what you didn’t specify… Thank you for the info!

Because usually you could expect free registered shipping at that price, but not from MF. Well, to be fair, you cant really expect anything from MF. :D

I haven’t had any bad experience with Manafont, and made quite a few orders, nevertheless I ordered it from ultrafire for the price this time.

Manafont starts the “more $20 oder registered shipping” a few days ago. I think every HongKong Shop has sometimes problems to solve the problems of the customers. I buy a lot in the HongKong Shops and if a problem come up, most are solved well, but some not (every shop fails: DinoDirect, Manafont, Dealextreme, Kaidomain).

I would prefer Manafont, because most orders were delivered well and I don’t want to spread my address to all shop of Hong Kong.