UM25C, can it be wired to Win7 instead of Bluetooth to display graph?

Anybody have one of these? Want to know if it can display the graphs on Windows 7 by USB connection or does it only work wireless?

Not 100% sure, but I think it can only communicate via Bluetooth (eg. use the built-in bluetooth in a Windows laptop; or get a Bluetooth USB adapter for a Windows desktop that doesn’t have built-in bluetooth.). I’m using a Windows 10 desktop with a Bluetooth adapter to communicate with the UM24C (previous lower version of the UM25C)

I thought that may be the case, thank you d t a. Got a new laptop recently and just checked and it does have Bluetooth.

You may need a USB to TTL adapter and an optoisolator. Keep in mind that high voltages can damage your USB port or even your computer.

YZXStudio ZL1280 can be wired.
” this device allows remote data logging by connecting a UART USB/Serial adapter”
“Users will need to use their own serial communication software for the actual logging and data analysis though. The USB Power Monitor simply sends the raw data.”