UNBELIEVABLE! 2,300 Lumen Head Lamp!

Hi all,
This light really is something for its size. I’m impressed with the quality and innovation shown by Olight here.

If you have an amazing headlamp we’d love to hear about it.

cool review, but where did you get the Olight charger? i search it on chinese vendor and i don’t find one

Did they fix the tailcap/charging port problem, I believe that there’s live voltage on the outside of the tailcap. That is no bueno, even if the battery is protected. I don’t want something like that on my head. I hope they fixed it.

Hey Crazy! Shake that thing in front of the camera again :laughing: Thanks for the review. I have been wanting to purchase a headlamp for quite some time now, and I think I have found the one.

Looks like a nice headlamp but beam is not floody enough. Too bad, I like Olight and would have bought this headlamp but the beam profile is a deal killer. A headlamp needs to be floody for my needs or it’s basically worthless.

It comes with the headlamp (or any of their rechargeable lights).

I can’t say definitively if it is or not. With the cap screwed down tight I got 0.00 volts at the tail of one of them, and 0.16 volts on the other. I attempted a hard short on both of them as was NOT able to get a spark from either one.

Unfortunately night video and perpetual motion are equivalent tasks. There actually is a great deal more spill than even my full frame sensor and f1.8 prime lens are able to accurately portray. The lamp does have serious range (for a textured optic), but the range is not just forward in a tight spot. I will take a still photo this evening and post, it gives a more accurate portrait of the spill without washing out the center portion.

I have been looking for a new headlight, and I think this may be it. Simple straight forward UI and really like the black/blue scheme Olight has gone with on their lights. A little on the pricey side, but the features and head band features and charging features kind of make up for it.
Wish that you didnt need the proprietary cell to charge it internally tho…

Not sure if this is the headlight I will end up getting, but its pretty high on the list

Wait. Disregard my entire post above that was to you. Epic fail on my part. Just now I realized that I had another set of batteries inside the lights, because I found the Olight batteries in an external charger (it’s faster).

My embarrassment aside, I did find 4.14v at the tail end of both. :frowning:

Did you measure between the + and - where the charger poles connect? While the light was on? I very much like this light on paper except for the potential issue. If they resolved it, GREAT then but 0.16V is still 0.16V too much. There is no way I can let this slide with so many Amps running through the light on my head.

Edit: posted simultaneously. That’s a real shame, cause otherwise this would have been a winner at a nice price. But I don’t want to rely on the protection circuit of the battery.

This may not be what your looking for because it does still have a hot spot to it, but this will give you a better idea what its like. I can use my wide lens and a longer exposure for stills, so it pics up the spill much better vs in video.

Notice that tree that is farthest away. How much taller than the house it is. Probly 60ish feet? I put the lamp at about head height on the tripod and pointed it straight ahead.


Holding it in my hand behind the camera while I took the pic.

If you use a non Olight branded cell, does this fix the problem? I have the same concern...I don't work in areas that require a safety light, but being able to short the outside terminals is just something I can't live with....I saw the demo of lighting steel wool with the Olight cap - I don't often put my face on steel wool, or into a stream of flying metal chips, but still....I'd like to have that option available to me.

When a flashlight has shortcuts from OFF to moon and turbo, I prefer those modes not being memorized at all. No need for them being memorized : you want to light ON in turbo = double click, or in moonlight = press and hold. It’s more predictable particulary if you are using several flashlights and don’t remember the latest mode used.
You have direct access to 3 different brightness settings : ML, turbo, memorized mode, while with a memorized ML and turbo, you have direct access to only 2 different brightness settings.

Aren’t this a 2300lm h/lamp too? Tho candela is lower I assume this is even more floodier. Anyway it is no longer in stock now not sure about other seller. I have one of these with no usb magnet port

Zebralight H603 has the floodiest, smoothes beam (it’s a mule) & widest angle h/lamp ever i think it will be perfect for u

Yes, if you put another brand cell in there no contact for the negative charging pole is made, so that would eliminate the short aspect at the tail. Obviously it also eliminates the use of the charger :slight_smile:

Personally I would rather they just drop that system all together. I never USB charge anything anyway (accept for testing USB charge systems). I understand for mass marketing it’s a good hot button, “charging on the go”. For me without it would just be less weight, less cost, less risk, and the battery could be installed in the right direction :slight_smile:

I couldn't agree more. I've actually just picked up the Skilhunt H03, because it had the two features I really wanted:

  • No silly integrated charging system
    • It's like an electronic handbrake - it's something that I do not want, but manufactures keep pushing it. I love anti-roll back, but they can shove their electronic handbrakes. Volvo has the worst one out of all of them. Three weeks driving the new XC60, and I never worked out which direction I was supposed push or pull the stupid thing, and in what situation.....sorry, I might have pissed on my own point there...
  • A magnetic tail cap. Clipping the light to your toolbox at night etc....super practical. Making the magnet removable is a nice touch too...because I'm always touching 5" floppy diskettes to my forehead...
  • Having active temp control and a TIR optic just ensured that I'd be hiding the credit card bill from the missus this month...

BTW - your YouTube videos are excellent! Flashlight reviews on youtube are for the most part these weird "preppers" jerking off over some doomsday scenario, or some 14 year old wasting their parents' money. Neither of which has much to say which is worth listening to....Your videos really stand out as someone who loves lights, knows their stuff, and can get the information across clearly and efficiently. I'd love to see more of your mod videos.