[Unboxing] MATEMINCO TK01 Tactical Flashlight (Astrolux FT01)

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This is my first flashlight using a 21700 lithium battery.

21700 lithium battery is not popular yet, but the market outlook is expected.
Many flashlights using 21700 have been found in the market.
The battery capacity can be compared to 26650, but the overall volume is small.

MATEMINCO TK01 is a tactical flashlight that is also convenient for everyday use.
The tail is responsible for the switch and the tactical momentary lighting
Side press is responsible for the mode operation.

MATEMINCO series of pure white carton packaging, elegant and generous

The side label should be a thermal sensor label, which will change color when wiped with alcohol.
With XHP50.2 LED, the color of the barrel is available in three colors

Open the top of the packaging carton

Containing all items

Due to the light and camera settings, the color of the barrel will be color cast.
This is a muddy gray, super hard oxygen treatment

Flashlight front (color grayed out)


Overall appearance, it is good looking

Left: tactical attack heads need to be ordered separately
Right side: 18650 adapter tube, also pay attention to the positive contact condition (described later)

Very “fierce” attack head

Long and hard

Wow! ! ! My King’s Majesty… (this color is closer to the actual product)

XHP50.2 LED visual color temperature is about 5000K


Tail press, forward switch

Tail press

Side press

Micro USB charging port

Tail cap thread

Tube pattern

Negative electrode, double spring

Positive electrode, circuit warehouse
The positive contact has a short-circuit proof design. The positive contact surface of the battery should be less than 9.5mm, or a small magnet should be added to the front of the battery.

Hand rope hole, the tail cover is chamfered, round and smooth

The thickness of the tube wall is very thick! ! !

Head cooling slot

Rest awhile……

carry on
Use 5V 2A power supply

USB direct charging test, charging current 0.5A

During charging, the green indicator light flashes

Charging completed, green light is always on

Battery test after charging

Brightness test (Steel_Lumens)
Low : no display
Med 1 : 231 lumens
Med 2 : 661 lumens
High : 1312 lumens
Turbo : 2240 lumens

Prepare outdoor brightness test


Med 1

Med 2




Original data

When the battery power is less than 50%, the side green indicator light flashes every 3 seconds.
When the battery power is less than 20%, the side red indicator light flashes every 3 seconds (not yet tested)

This is a tactical flashlight using a 21700 lithium battery.
Solid overall structure, good design and excellent heat dissipation.
It has a good grip and is easy to operate and practical.
It is a flashlight that can be considered.

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really enjoyed your photos! Thanks.

Thank you… this light is honesty beautiful in any color…

Thanks for the review and amazing photos. The regulation is excellent with a single drop then maintaining at 1,300 for more than 1 hr. Lights with 4-5 times the mass only do slightly better than that, kudos to Mateminco pushing it hard this time.

As usual stunning photos thanks! Love the beam pattern and the polished finish on this light.

oh yeah I bet! :wink:

OTOH beautiful photos! Thanks!

Great review and photos as usual! Did you calibrate your tube with Maukka’s calibration light? Was that graph created by you or the manufacturer? If it can maintain 1,300 real lumens for 1.1hrs, that is record setting for lights in this size range. Which battery did you use?

Nice looking light except I don’t like that rectangle knurling box on the battery tube. Kind of amateurish design IMO. Head and tail cap look great. That greenish yellow tint shift is really bad

Yes, calibrated by Maukka’s calibration lights.

Graph created by manufacturer.

LG 21700 4800mAh (repacking)

Thanks to your review, I bought it even though I was hoping for a NW version. If I don’t like the tint, I might end up putting in some 4xE21A in it. Looks like a great host and driver.

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Thanks for the review. I enjoy watching your picture story telling. One question, why bicycles? :))
Like the king and servant scene too. This looks like a decent light with good driver and regulation (minus the attack crown).

care to explain this Shirnask? :???:

and this too :???:


  • Clemence

Why bicycles?

Just a decoration.


very nice descriptions and photos… :wink: