unbranded klarus st11?

ok. I’m bored and browsing ebay. I found this.


which looked fairly interesting and definitely a cut above some of the other crap being knocked out.

so I scroll down a bit and I find this


now is it me or do they look a bit similar?

It’s not you. :bigsmile: - they do look identical.

The thing is the unbranded version is pretty expensive - why not spend a couple of dollars more for the Klarus warranty?

I was thinking that, I was more suprised how blatant it was, I’m not looking to buy, but if that oem one was twenty or thirty quid I might have jumped on it.

yea i should be way cheaper for being unbranded.
i would have bought one too

Uh-oh, that's bound to get you in trouble with the wife!


there I fixed that for you 0:)

LOL! Yep, I believe it!