Unbranded l2 host

Does anyone know where I can get an unbranded p60, l2 host? I usually get them from solarforce but they dont have any right now.

unsure for an empty P60 host a this time. but welcome back!
have not seen you on BLF in a few centuries.

I looked around last night and couldn’t find any.

Thanks guys. I never have had a problem getting then from SF. They don’t have any on hand now. Guess I will just have to deal with it.

There's this: tinywind.com/solarforce-cr123a18650-forward-click-switch-flashlight-host-body-black-p-14144.html. I have something on order with this vendor now - not much experience with them here though, can't vouch for them yet. Think djozz's dealings with them were ok - a Group Buy with them didn't go smooth, but they seem to be taking care of the buyers that didn't get the GB lights.

Hey welcome back!

Here ya go: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Solarforce-L2-Body-Tube-Finish-Matches-Surefire-6p-New-USA-SELLER-Unmarked-/161847129294?hash=item25aed734ce

Just add your desired head and tail.

I’ve been looking for an unbranded p60 host as well, didn’t know Solarforce sold them unbranded, so I’ve been looking at the 504B/502B clones on aliexpress (but sellers haven’t replied about if they’re un-branded)

Thanks I found these solorforce ones because of your post!

Thanks guys

Not a host but it’s quite cheap?

L2 copy from Ultrafire

Focalprice has the clone also for cheap, not a real solarforce but not to bad either