Under $10, 1x AA/ AAA/ 10440/ 14500 flashlight reference

Mine is golden too.

It is bigger than I3S.

Imperfections…? A lot.
The biggest, the led have cataract.

Would I buy another? No, while I can buy cheap the SF-348.

Well I got one with a hollow pill that’s in the junk drawer, but I got another, the gold one from ebay pointed out in

bought that a few months ago.
I got one with a solid pill (lottery or design, I don’t know, but I’m going to buy another and see what I get).

EDIT — that was the lottery. Another from that site, and the next 3 I got, are all hollow pills

On the one with the solid pill, very nice:

I just swapped in one of the “SK68” 15mm drivers that Cereal_killer is making now — same diameter — and a Luxeon PC Rebel on a 10mm square Sinkpad 2 (which Luxeonstar.com is going to be selling, I got a few before they got them up on their website). Pricey emitter/board and high minimum order for free shipping, I’ve nudged them about some kind of flashaholic discount.

Nice things about this — the 10mm square drops perfectly into the round cutout on the solid pill, leaving the thru holes clear for the wires, and centers itself. I tried both the adhesive sticky square thermal tape and Arctic Ceramique, since the PC Rebels get incredibly hot if not in contact with a good heat sink (as in burn-the fingers on contact — must be robust as the first one I did dedomed itself, probably from the heat, but still perfectly bright, none of the “PC” (phosphor coat” came off and it zooms the same image as before).

And the 15mm driver fits perfectly — exactly the same diameter as the SK68 takes.

I got C_k to give me just 350 mA or a bit over, not pushing the LED, and at high it’s plenty bright; I got a ‘moonlight’ low that’s less bright than an amber 5mm LED, which is also just perfect for night time dark adapted use.

So before I buy more of these #3s, I figured I ought to mention this in hopes someone has a better light-driver-emitter already figured out.

But it’s real nice that everything just fits and works (well once I got my solder in only the places it belongs, everything works …)

Just hit the wire…a new looking SK68, square, better knurling


I received mine the other day and ordered 3 more. It is VERY well made for the price. Reminds me of the TANK007 lights. My protected 14500 do not fit because they are too long. I am using AA's and I am happy with the output.

So given that new Fasttech light is next mode memory, what will it take as an improvement?
Diameter of the pill? What’s behind the LED, air or aluminum?

# 24 Clone

Pregulla find. $5 for one, $14 for 3. Been playing with it stock tonight. Really good deal. More info here.

My “Green Dwarf” just arrived from GearBest and the base is indeed magnetic! Pretty strong, too. The over-all build quality is good, better than the pictures suggest, and the light passed the mid-day “bathroom test” just fine.

Just got my 2 in, the star is sitting on a solid shelf, no thermal compound

Little plastic reflector

I am sure next mode memory pencil lead trick will cure the next mode memory, it is a twisty after all


No pill…the shelf is part of the head…I will get pics and measurements asap

overall it feels pretty good, not too bad for the $5~ paid for em

Just bought two more of the same #3

This time, I got the hollow-pill version instead of the good ones with a solid back plane for the emitter to sit on.
Which screws up using the square 10mm boards I’ve been getting that fit the solid ones perfectly centered.

Anyone know a source for the #3s with solid pills?

Does your #2 also work with AAs? How is it compared to a zoomy?

Just spotted number two for cheap, but it says 14500 only:

Nice looking one.
Looks like the seller put some random data in the description :smiley:


hangs with the lens pointing straight up

I have that light, ordered from wallbuys or banggood on a promotion….
It’s a lantern light with a aspheric on top. It is a18650 light which came with a 3xAAA adapter.
There is no heatsinking just a small pill which sits on plastic and because of the design it has no connection to the body. Very dim in stock form, I modded it a bit but it is not much better now.

I have one similar, very good throw for so small

Don’t like the UI, H>L>STROBE>OFF, must go thru epileptic seizure mode to turn it off…but it IS a bright little booger!

huh, Pregulla’s link is to an AAA zoomie, if the picture showing it with an AAA battery, and part of the text, are to be believed.

Then again it claims it would also use a 14500, and that it’s waterproof.


Six impossible things before breakfast?

If you've done six impossible things before breakfast, why not round it off with dinner at Milliway's, the restaurant at the end of the universe? 8)

I need to purchase a few SK-68 clones for some coworkers this year. I just need a good quality, single mode torch that runs well on AA batteries. Who selling the best clones these days? There are so many sellers on ebay that I don’t know who is selling crap and who is selling quality torches. Thanks

> sellers on ebay … don’t know who is selling crap and who is selling quality torches.

Fixed that for ya. Welcome to the lottery.

I like the look of this UltraFire AT-007 AA/14500 zoomie from FastTech for $4.77.

Available in this ugly color combo as well…$4.77.

Looks like a nice AA prospect for gifting.

It occurred to me to buy one of each and swap bezels — blue/black for cool white stock, and red/gold for a neutral white or amber mod …
if these by some wild chance come with a mod-friendly solid pill instead of the expected hollow pill … but no, I can’t be that optimistic.