Uniquefire 1504/1405 brass pill

Does anyone sell the brass pill by itself?

I may have some. How many do you need?

I would like two please if you have them.

interested in one could I see a picture please?

:party: Spot the flashlightaholic - “I need a pill for this torch” - “I may have some, how many do you need?”. :bigsmile:

I’ve gone through about a 100 various 1503, 1504, 1505 lights. If I switch over to the 1508 series like I think I will, I’ll be selling lots of leftovers

I wish I would’ve joined this forum before your 1508 group buy…

Hi, n10sivern do you still have some Uniquefire 1504 brass pill that you want to sale?

I should

price and shipping?

How many u want?


I PM’d ya

Do you sell also 1405/1504 hosts ?

Edit : i guess shipping would kill the deal :person_facepalming:

Yes it would

Just order some Uniquefire 1504 brass pill from n10sivern. thank n10sivern!

just received Uniquefire 1504 brass pill today from n10sivern, very high-quality thank you n10sivern!