Uniquefire 1504 reviews?

Just wondering if there are any reviews of the Uniquefire 1504 on here?

Search doesn’t seem to be returning anything.

It caught my eye on GB earlier, according to the specs it’s a powerful light for its price.

Was wondering how accurate they are, is it as bright as they say, does it throw well etc? Only found one video and it’s poor quality so not much use.

After the cometa turned into a bit of a farce and seems to be dying a death of no info coming forward I’m looking at other options without spending silly money.

up :slight_smile: i have just the same questions :wink:

and I add: is it much better (67 mm) than a 50 mm version like the 1503? (which seems to be easy to find only in the IR version, though)

Fairly weak stock, around 2A drive current, 70kcd, quite a bit less than the 1200lm advertised (maybe half that). Decent build quality for the price.

It really shines with some modifications. Domed Xpg2 on noctigon with 3A drive gets upwards of 175kcd.

I believe dedomed xpg2 with a FET driver topped out around 450-500kcd.

One of these days I’ll have a go at modding like this. Probably not as hard as it sounds. I hope…

If you want a good zoomie I would go for the Jax Z1 or a Brinyte B158.

I have the Uniquefire 1405 and I wasn’t impressed with the build quality, loose zooming threads, aluminium heat sink and the tube is shinier than the head and tailstock.

It’s obviously cheaper than the Jax and Brinyte which I also have but it does prove that you do get what you pay for.

Search for UF-1504