uniquefire uf-v3


Item number 150849389018.

I’ve just bought this, worked out at £14.81. I figured it was worth a go, listed as 3 mode hi-mid-low and an xm-l u2. We’ll see if I get bummed or it’s a good ’un in a few weeks.

<a href=http://s185.photobucket.com/albums/x48/gords1001/?action=view&current=T2eC16VHJHgE9n0yFi-BP8sKoygv60_1.jpg target=_blank><img src=http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x48/gords1001/T2eC16VHJHgE9n0yFi-BP8sKoygv60_1.jpg border=0 alt=>

Edited to add a picture…

[quote=gords1001] listed as 3 mode hi-mid-low [/quote]

Mode: 5(High/Middle/Low/Strobe/SOS)


Damm them, I put the same item number in as the listing I bought, but it seems to bring a different on up on eBay mobile compared to eBay app. :-s

To be fair though, for all I know what could arrive is a pink elephant that dances a waltz, we shall see :wink:

I searched for xm-l u2, out of interest, and just got all giddy when the listing said 3 mode.

XM-L U2 coupled with 3-mode (no blinky) is a potent combo that I'm sure lots of flashaholics are looking for.

Keep us posted if you find it.

That looks like my Dongrui All-920 (except with U2) which Manafont sells with an XR-E Q5 at $13.50. Hmm . . . wondered what this light would be like with an XM-L. Hope it has better heatsinking though!


Nope, my bad, speed reading and only saw the lumen outputs for high mid low. Epilectic modes are still available, never mind, it should hopefully be modable anyway. :bigsmile:

Ok, I received this email after the dispatch notification.

Now, I appreciated the heads up, but feeling like I’ve been burnt on another buy, I went to the post office and asked the question……

The post office knows nothing of any delays, whilst its “possible” some delays may happen in London, I’m 500 miles away… So has anyone used kelesecurity? Good experience? Bad experience? I’m not actually bothered if the light does not arrive till the end of the month, I would say that’s about normal tbh, but I’m becoming a bit of a suspicious b and that email could be taken as either a concerned trader or someone getting their excuses in early. I’ve replied, thanking them for the info, but not got an acknowledgement yet, I’m guessing its out of hours time going off when other emails come in from China. I suppose some support of the theory is that two other lights seem to be taking longer than expected. We shall see.

Well, woke up to an email reply thanking me for my understanding, I guess perhaps they are actually a concerned seller, the claimed lumens actually seemed plausible too.

If it all goes well I’ll report back, only ever had this type of communication from torchy before now.

Yes, thats the main worry.
I like that shape because its really compact and it looks real compact :smiley: and light-weight

YOu havce it here too http://www.dinodirect.com/uniquefire-uf-v3-cree-xm-l-u2-5-mode-flashlight.html

+IF anyone gets it first, pls say a few words about it here…
BTW, dinodirect also sells Q5 version, cheaper than manafont I think.

I got this light, peeps, and it is one of the brightest XM-Ls (and throwiest) I have. Kind of a neutral color, but only a tad bit behind my 980L in straight-up output. It is 800 lumens, I have no doubt. But no one told me it was really small. It’s smaller than it looks.

Can the clip be reversed? Seems it would be more comfortable in the pocket if the head stuck out.

I’m pretty sure not. But it carries nice like it is.

Good to know, I’m hoping mine will be waiting at the post office when I get back off holiday, the seller has been very communicative though which I think is a good sign.

Thanks rusty Joe, I’m looking forward to this now. :bigsmile:

Did you ever get your V3? How do you like it?


Not yet, Singapore post thought it hit customs on the 7th august, royal mail are unable to find any evidence it even got in the country.

Kelesecurity are trying to trace it/resolve the issue, they have till the 10th before I launch a PayPal claim, but I suspect they will come good, these things do happen, and their communication has been excellent tbf. If it turns up in good nick, I’d probably be happy to buy off them again, they have an interesting range of lights.

Is this better than my skyray stl-v2?

Any sign of this torch yet Gords?

Its awesome bright, but it’s not a thrower with a huge head like the V2. This is a very small 18650 light, still with tons of throw, but not V2 throw. Would need a bigger head for that.

No sign yet :~ they have re sent the torch so I’m hoping it’ll get here soon.

I have a package waiting at the post office, I collect tomorrow morning, given the wait, I don’t know if the anticipation will let me sleep tonight…… :smiley: