Unknown Monsterous Lumintop Flashlight

I saw this monster on Lumintop’s Facebook page and was wondering what it was.

Wow. That's big for a big led.

looks like an mtg2 type light to compete with a k40 :slight_smile:

i really like LT’s lights

Wow thats BIG brother,of ACEBEAM K40M, just joking it looks POWERFULL and must be 2 kilos with batteries

Looks like it runs on 8 x 18650’s arranged in 2 sets of 4, too wide for comfortable hand carry, maybe a handle would be a good idea…

Looks like the Courui DO1 ‘Bighead’ is an xml2 copy of that monster or perhaps the other way around?

Since flashlights always look bigger in the ads, we might want to consider that the flashlight is being held by a female (most likely an Asian female) and would have small hands. Unless it was this lady. :smiley:

No specs on it?

Still no news on this monster? If they ever make this available, I think this is a contender for another Lumintop group buy.

confirmed, it is a woman hand.

Seems, they're about to finish it and send it out for review.

Yes, That’s my hand . It is small lady’s hand :bigsmile:

Some simple spec here for this big guys:
Max: 2100 Lumens
Shot range: More than 600 Meters
Rechargeable by Car charger
Also can used as Phone or IPAD charger
4*18650 Battery

I would have liked 6*18650 and higher output.

I’d love to review it :wink:

Now if they made it longer holding eight 18650 cells, it would look like a Mag-Lite on steroids and have a longer run time.

I’d like that too, but if you can fit a can of beer in your paws (excluding a Foster’s oil can), you could hold onto a 8 cell version with no problem.

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what a great lurker.

Just like ebay, find the old user names and scarf them up.Wink

Another woman BLF users ? (the one i know is Chloe)

Your guys are talking about my account?? :wink: :wink:
Come on! We should focus on the flashlights J) J)

Do you use Palmolive when you do the dishes? :smiley: