Unorthodox but VERY Effective!

In the 1990’s I worked for a company called T.J.COPE. They are still around today. Established in 1948 and they are innovators of CABLE TRAY.One day I walked up to Mario, the “Tool and Die” guy and told him that the latch was broken on my portable CD player. I could not close the lid.So he gave me this slab of steel to use as a weight and it works perfectly.

Fast forward to a few months ago. My Fenix ARE-C2 charges batteries faster than any charger I have had and to the highest voltage[~4.20/4.22v]. Along with that it gets hotter than any other charger I have. What I have done prior to my invention[!] was just to place Two cardboard battery cases at either end just to give it some ventilation. It helps a little.

Then one day a few months back my ingenuity and creativity surfaced. I said , “How about if I put that slab of steel under there for a heat sink”? It is the same length as the charger and I set it in the middle. I am very surprised how well it works. I thought it would help but not as much as it has. The charger does NOT get hot anymore,warm at best.My guess is that ~ 70% of the heat is transferred to the slab of steel.

This slab of steel is L=6”, W=1.5”,H=1” and weight is 3.3LBS/1.5KG

It almost looks like that “slab of steel” was made for the ARE-C2.Also works well w/ my new “Supernight” Power supply for my Opus BT-C3100 2.2. The power supply gets warm when I am charging 4 X 18650 3400mAh batteries @ 1amp. Not even close to the heat the ARE-C2 produces.

The slab of steel is about the same length as both the charger and power supply.


That’s some slab to keep a portable cd player shut :smiley:

But yeah, good thinking - a much better use for it :+1:
Imagine if it was copper…

Actually steel has a higher heat capacity than copper. The heat is not transferred so fast that the heat conductance plays a large role. :nerd_face:

Thanks I did not know that!! My invention[!!] works really well. It was a pleasant surprise!

I wish I had a few more of them!

If it was Copper it would be 3.3LBS/1.5KG,I have to google price/pound!

A lot less than I thought!

Metal/Material Per Pound Pricing

  1. Copper $2.17-2.25*/LB
  2. Copper $1.97-2.05*/LB
  3. Communications Wire (Cat 5) $0.85-0.95*/LB
  4. Electrical Wire (Romex) $1.15-1.25*/LB

MY slab is worth much more to me than its monetary value!

Scrap Metal Prices
Metal/Material Per Pound Pricing
Electric Motors W/ COPPER WINDING $0.08-.12*/LB
Old Sheet Aluminum $0.22-.30*/LB
Unprepared Stainless (304) $0.14-.18*/LB
Sheet Iron $4per/100LB

or Gold… :smiley:

Simply amazing! Who needs Copper when you have,“The Secret Slab”! :sunglasses:

These are external tests that give a good indication of the Slabs success. Remember this is 3.3LBS./1.5KG of solid steel in a relatively small block!

These are the Maximum temperatures achieved. Always when the batteries were around 4.1v. Once they got to 4.2V the temp dropped slightly as expected.

NEW SMPS W/Out Heat Sink=94F/34C
NEW SMPS With Heat Sink=79F/26C

These are the numbers I have been waiting for.My Fenix ARE-C2 Chargers are what the slab is used for.I could tell by my sense of touch that it got pretty darn hot and when The “Secret Slab” was introduced it was not much warmer than room temp.!

Fenix ARE-C2 W/out Heat Sink=132F/55C!
Fenix ARE-C2 WITH Heat Sink=80F/26C!!!

That is 52 degrees of heat absorption! Simply amazing how the “Secret Slab” can absorb so much heat. :+1:

My guess was at least 35 degrees lower w/ the “Secret Slab”!

I think Vinh and other modders may use an Ounce of Copper, maybe 2 or 3 for additional Heat sink?

This is over 50 Ounces of heat sink!

I am very impressed but NOT surprised as I have been using it a few months and just now tested it.

Good results.

I wonder if CPU heatsinks/fans from old computers would be useful? I’d bet you could get a ton of them for free from old e-cycled computers.

I use the ALU blocks when I strip down old harddrives for the internals. They make nice heatsinks.

Nice job!

Your next task: Build a 3 lb “Slab-O-Steel” into your EDC flashlight as the heatsink!!! :sunglasses:

lol!!! I will definitely have to have CAPO my Siberian haul that masterpiece! :sunglasses: