Came across some P7 501Bs and have been told by those who use them that they do better on unprotected 18650s. I have yet to use unprotecteds, but have heard scary things. Got a bundle of 8 of them for 17 and some change on ebay. I'm not interested in if they are the best you can buy (obviously they aren't), but I want stout performance.

And are these good to use with lights like the Sky Ray King or DRY? Back to back they just shouldn't be used, right?

I'd imagine any single 18650 light would agree with them, no?

it's these critters...


im no expert, but from what i have read. You can use them in series as long as you use two "matched" cells.

i.e. they have the same voltage.

Right, but my concern is the people I sell these to. They don't know or care about voltage. They just want the "wow" they see me handling. lol

Sorry, I didnt realise you were selling them

I figured they were for personal use. Probably not worth the liability issues then!