unsuccessful delivery

Hi together,

I ordered from Banggood a few weeks ago. Now the tracking says: “The delivery of the item was unsuccessful”. I already bought successfully from Banggood before, with exactly the same address.
What does that mean and what do I have to do now?

Thanks in advance!

Ask your post office, this sounds like an issue with them.

Yeah, check with the post office. That happens to me every now and again…usually the day before a holiday weekend or day of a big football game or something. I’ll be out in my garage or on my front porch and watch the mailman drive up and deliver our mail. When I check the mailbox there will be a USPS card stating we weren’t home and must pick up the package at the post office. We have a lazy mailman.

Thanks guys!

After a few times of that happening to me, I drove over to the post office and asked a supervisor about it. She told me that status means they put it on the wrong truck. It’s undeliverable because your house isn’t on the route of the truck it was put into. It usually finds the right truck the second time around.

Assuming that you are in the U.S., google for the local phone # of your local post office, and call that #, and not the 800#, and talk to someone there.

The person who delivers our mail is really unreliable, and we get that kind of status often, and have to call them each time.

I’m from Germany :slight_smile: I’ll go to the post office tomorrow

I was at the post office and the employee wasn’t very confident that it would be there, but she checked and now I got my parcel!

Happy ending! Congrats! :slight_smile: