Unusual Olight S20-L2 Baton

I bought an Olight S20-L2 Baton on eBay, but didn’t get what I was hoping for. First thing I noticed was the reflector - smooth, instead of orange peel:

There are some scratches inside the bezel (hard to capture on camera):

After checking the official website and some reviews I noticed even more discrepancies. This side looks normal:

On the other side there are differences. The serial number is below the model name, not on the head:

The serial number begins with “E”. I have 4 more Olight flashlights, all their serial numbers start with “D”. Have you ever seen an “E” serial number?

Notice the writings are upside down, compared to an S15:

Comparing it with S15, the anodizing, build quality, box, accesories and overall feel is the same, so I’m 99.99% sure it’s not a fake or anything.

I tried contacting Olight, still no answer.

Please write down, if you have an answer because my S20L2 looks just like yours.

I have one from Gearbest.

I have an Olight S20-L2 Baton that looks just like yours. I also bought mine from eBay, but I have no doubt it is a legitimate Olight product. The scratches in your bezel are a quality issue. You may get some satisfaction from that, but probably not. I prefer the smooth reflector, and I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I thought it had orange peel. Overall, I’m very happy with my S20. Only thing that gripes me is the stupid belt clip. It is badly designed, and in the wrong place - at the head.

Aren’t the smooth reflector and serial under the model number stuff that they added on the updated XM-L2 models? My S10 (XM-L2) has all that same stuff. Also the button on L2 model S20 has been switched to hard plastic one, instead of the white soft silicone button with low voltage indicator (removed).

One change that I really disliked in the S10-L2 is that the clip is made from thicker metal, and is a bit too stiff to my liking.

Appears to be a new series.

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The quality of lights have NOTHING to do with any of that stuff. Asking a few things about a questionable quality flashlight is EXACTLY what BLF is for! Please don’t lecture everyone and yell at the OP when he’s posting legit concerns about a FLASHLIGHT on a FLASHLIGHT forum.

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Alright, let’s take it easy on Tumbleweed48, who obviously just had a moment of conscience and needed to do something with it. The rant is somewhat out of place here, but realize that when feelings like that hit you all of a sudden, it can be overwhelming. And, really, it is true that we could all stand to do a little less getting and a little more giving sometimes.

Yeah, I suppose you’re right. The majority always is.

Back to self indulgence and whining about the anodizing being 3 microns off perfect.

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I don’t get the point of your rant… This is a forum purely dedicated to flashlights, what do you expect people to be talking about!? Are you going to go over to a Lamborghini forum and tell everyone there they should sell their cars because they could have just bought a corolla and donated the rest of the money to charity???

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Ouch… that got side-tracked, derailed, crashed and burned into a train wreck quickly.
As for the S20, its either a new change they are doing on the L2 models or batch of knock-offs surfacing on the market ?

The point was that here we are, sitting on mounds of hoarded flashlights that we rarely if ever use. Then we moan and gripe ad nauseum about every minuscule imperfection in them that we can detect - while so many others have no light at all, and sometimes die for lack of one.

But as I said, I’m sure you’re quite right.

It’s all about us, and our flashlights.

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You’re right - because people die, we should not expect to get the products we pay for. Good point.

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Does this mean your leaving BLF?
You are correct, however none of us are presidents of countries or in a position of power where we can fix world problems, and if you feel we should do more then start a charity drive or do something about it, if you have the solutions to these problems then go about implementing them.