[up to 30% off] New Brinyte USA online shop released!

Good news. We are thrilled to announce our new online store for U.S. customers – www.brinyte.store.
We celebrate with a huge sale event with up to 30% OFF from May 8th - 15th. Head over to Brinyte.store and get your hands on one of our highly acclaimed tactical or hunting lights. *FREE gifts for the first 50 orders.
:black_small_square: Next day shipping from U.S. warehouse.
:black_small_square: FREE shipping on all orders above $49.
:black_small_square: 30-Day money back guarantee.

Visit https://brinyte.store and don’t miss our sale event.

Error 1020: “This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.”

I was just looking, not touching anything :wink: .

Works nice for me, even with js turned off… impressive. :laughing:

Thanks for your attention, but this website is limited, only for U.S. customers

Thanks for your attention, but this website is limited, only for U.S. customers

What is js?

I wonder if I should “Odrer” that PT18PRO?

My wife says I’ve been placing too many odors lately!

Javascript. Too many websites are js-driven, that if you go there with js turned off (as I always do unless I need it turned on for some reason), you either get a blank page, or format/layout is completely mangled, or the page/site is just otherwise useless.

At least on your site, I can see what’s displayed, click on individual lights, see pictures, prices, everything. :slight_smile:

Oh, it might need js enabled to actually order something (adding to cart, checkout, etc.), but that’s almost a given.

Why turn JS off?

’Cause without it, pages load anywhere from 3x to 10x faster, you get few if any ads or banners or other annoyances, the page doesn’t incessantly pinwheel while waiting for 3rd-party crap, and in general it just sucks ass when misused and abused.

Good to know.

Got it! Thanks for your explanation and feedback!