Up To 8000 Milkings

I was reading the news this morning and saw this being advertised.

At first it looked like a cool flashlight! I was baffled by the image of 3 of them together.

I didn’t know what 8,000 milkings meant. A new way of measuring lumens? Another hoax?

But then I read the small print that this will be at the World Dairy Expo. It’s for milking cows! :person_facepalming:

It still looks like a cool flashlight, right?

(Edit to repost the image.)

You guys must get much different news up there in Wisconsin, that’ll literally never make the news here unless someone somehow uses it to start killing people.

It was just a small advertisement between the news story I was reading. But somehow it appeared to be a flashlight to me.

Yes, we see flashlights everywhere… :smiley:

you sure that wasn’t a fl#shlight? :smiling_imp:

Actually, those are “Chinese milkings”.

Test it on your cows, and you’ll only get 200-250 milkings, tops.

The real question on everyone’s mind is;

“Does it suffer from PWM, ”Pulsing While Milking” ??


P.S. Moo

@NeutralFan: I cannot see your pic.

That’s pretty funny :smiley:

A guy from Wisconsin (dairy capitol of the US) doesn’t know what “milkings” are?… lol

You should see the classified ads in the papers here. In the agricultural area they are full of close ups of cow udders. Not any of the whole cow for sale just the udders and description.

That’s just… disturbing.

At least I didn’t say “udderly disturbing”…

a dairy farmer’s


That’s strange since I can see it on my phone and my wife can see it on her PC - so 3 different operating systems.

I can’t see it either, when I copy image location I get


I reposted the image, did that help?

Yep! I can see it now.
Only 3? Are cows trois?
Sorry, I’m transplanted city-boy.

Only 8000 milkings for the first 15 seconds then it drops to 1500 milkings for 23 minutes.