Update on Ol' Lumens

Hello All,

After OL was home a few days he began developing complications and had to return to ER yesterday. He was readmitted and today underwent a second surgery.

The surgeon let me know all went well and he will be staying in the hospital 7-10 days.

He is so ready to be home for good.

Best wishes to all.

Mrs. Lumens

Thank you for the update , Mrs. Lumens .

We all want Justin to get well soon .

So sorry it was not meant to be easy for both of you :frowning:

i wish you all the best , a lot strength and energy for you and Justin a painless and fast recovery!

Thoughts with you.

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date, Mrs. Lumens. I’m so amazed that with all the stuff you two are dealing with, you make time to post here. Also good to know the second surgery went well. Best wishes for Old Lumens’ speedy recovery! (again, still)

Thanks for the update, I wish he will be home soon!

Thank you Mrs. Lumens, I'm happy the surgery went well. Please Give him our love!

Thanks for the update, glad he is OK!

Thanks for the update. Wishing for Justin’s rapid return home.

That’s good that everything went well, it’s always such a worry as you never know what to to expect.

He’ll be counting down the day’s to get home again. :slight_smile:

My father has been through several major surgeries that had complications. My hopes go with you that this is one of the less troublesome variety. Hang in there.

All the best wishes for you both.

my prayers are with you both for a speedy recovery.

Same here…

My positive thoughts are with both of you. Wishing OL a full recovery!

Thanks for the update Mrs OL’s. Your both troopers in your own rights.

Wishing you both a speedy recovery on the follow up. Hang in there OL. There’s lots of goody goody stuff for you here when you are ready to go Home. Chin Up! Best!

Dear mrs. Old-Lumens. Thank you for taking the time to bring us up to speed. My best wishes to the both of you.

Bless you both.

Saddened to see this isn’t better news. Please just let O-L know he is in our thoughts and prayers. As always, thanks for keeping us posted.