Updated on 7/31. More shots added. Some beam shots: from flooders to monster throwers. Thanks to Tom E for his awesome modding

This might be the first time I post beam shots. I am doing this because I feel obligated to do so after receiving my modded lights from Tom E. He made me an amazing P60 drop in, a real compact thrower, with dedomed xpg2 on copper, driven to 3.5A. He modded my Thrunite TN31 XML to dedomed XML2 along with the resistor mod.

For each light, two shots were taken, one at 26 meters (short), the other at 78 meters (long).

Ok. Here we go.

lights line up.

From left to right: Sipik 68 one mode, Roche F12 NW, Zebralight SC600 CW, Solarforce L2m with the Tom E drop in, ultrafire G4-MCU, Small Sun ZY-C10-s, Nitecore EC25W, XinTD C8 V4 NW, DRY CW, ultrafire HD2010 with dedomed XML, Thrunite TN31.

Here are the batch taken at a shorter range, 26 meters, or 85 feet. Camera setting is 4.5 aperture, 0.5 sec shutter, 200 ISO.

Control short

Sipik 68

Roche F12

Zebralight SC600

Solarforce L2m + TomE drop in

ultrafire G4-MCU

Small Sun ZY-C10-s

Nitecore EC25W

XinTD C8 V4 NW


ultrafire HD2010 with dedomed XML (I did it myself last year)

Thrunite TN31 (stock)

Thrunite TN31 (TomE mod)

Now the more exciting part, longer range shots. These are taken with 4.5 aperture, 3 sec, and 800 ISO, fairly close to what I saw with bare eyes.

Again control for long

Sipik 68 one mode

Roche F12 NW

Zebralight SC600 CW

Solarforce L2m with the Tom E drop in

ultrafire G4-MCU

Small Sun ZY-C10-s

Nitecore EC25W

XinTD C8 V4 NW


ultrafire HD2010 with dedomed XML

Thrunite TN31 (stock)

Thrunite TN31 (TomE mod)

I will try to put some mouse over pictures. But bear with me if I fail.

This is TN31 mod VS stock (mouse out stock, mouse over mod)

I am convinced that after the mod, my TN31 now has ~360kcd. VS stock of 100kcd.

This is TN31 stock VS HD2010 mod (mouse out TN31, mouse over HD2010)

This is XinTD C8 V4 VS P60 (dedomed xpg2 at 3.5A) (mouse out XinTD, mouse over P60 ~45kcd)

I hope you enjoy the show. Thanks.

Nice pics sesgum! Between my brother and myself we have a few Tom E modded lights and they are our favorites.

I wish to have more than just these two… :heart_eyes:

Nice work. Thank you for sharing. That Dry may not have a sexy hot spot, but it puts out a crazy amount of light.

The DRY looks very powerful even at longer distance according to the photos (kind of unexpected to me). I did not notice when taking the shots. Human eyes are deceiving sometimes I guess. Strong hotspots seem brighter to the eyes.

Great pics. Thanks.

Thanks for the photos. I love the ones of the Dry. That's the kind of light I like. Don't have room or use for a small hot spot (thrower), but a wall of light is just totally impressive.

Among theses lights, ultrafire G4-MCU (got it in the group buy last year for ~$10) performs surprisingly well, holds its own position among more expensive lights. It is five mode, high PWM frequency (not noticeable at all). Highly recommended.

Small Sun ZY-C10-s (also ~$10) on the contrary is sort of disappointing. Appears dim in either flood or throw mode. I dedomed the LED after the shots, resulted in ugly ring and very yellowish tint, now basically useless.

HD2010 is a very good budget thrower at $30 in stock form. It is on par with stock Thrunite TN31 after simple mod (dedomed XML2, maybe change to bigger wires). It is also powerful light (~1000 lumen) unlike Jacob A60. My no.1 recommendation to beginners who want a budget thrower.

Nice shots. The modified HD2010 seems to throw as far as the stock TN31. The latter having a wider spot.

I’m thinking about getting the Supbeam K40 which supposed to be a similar light with just a bit less throw. Good to see the TN compared to other lights.


Great Shots! I'm doin the K40, already ordered one on the Group Buy - it will take the same mods as the TN31, but it's not LockTite's all up.

Great shots!! Thanks for sharing… Tom’s mod’s look awesome!!

Thanks for the pictures. They really highlight the different tints. I say this tongue in cheek with a smile but its orsm how the trees are jumping with joy in the first and last mouseovers and the tree is waving at us in the second mouse over. Cheers.

Very nice beamshots, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the shots. That modded TN31 looks pretty impressive for sure.

The fact that the hotspot is over saturated even in long distance shots just goes to show how powerful a thrower it is.

Maybe I’m biased, but I prefer the look of the tn31 to the k40. For some reason I think of it as ‘the classic thrower shape’, maybe because it was one of the first major throwers.

It is interesting to think of the evolution of LED throwers actually. Only two years ago, only one LED light has over 100kcd (AFAIK), which is Olight SR90 at $400. Now it seems quite easy to get over 100kcd, and costs about $40. What has changed? I think two things came. The first is technique to safely dedome CREE. The second is the use of copper, which greatly increase the current a light can handle.
And TomE made a monster thrower available at a very acceptable cost.

My TN31 modified by TomE is 365kcd. Yours is probably quite similar.

Can you share details about TomE l2m dropin?

It is a xpg2 1a dedomed, reflowed to copper, driven at 3.5a (so I need low inner resistance batteries, trustfire flame works but only to 3A). I believe the blank drop in is the XML one from manafont (smooth reflector).
I think that is pretty much it. Did I miss something?