[Updated with written, photos, and video] Wuben TO10R Review [Triple XPG3 16340 USB rechargeable]

Thank you to Wubenlight.com for providing me the Wuben TO10R flashlight for this review.
I received no compensation for this review other than keeping the review sample.
I’ll be following up this video with a written review shortly.
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I received this Wuben TO10R flashlight for review and evaluation from http://Wubenlight.com Thanks Wubenlight. Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote or write this review and was given no compensation other than keeping the review sample. There’s a short video run down on this light on my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC_qmMKJEPU The Wuben TO10R flashlight is a triple XPG3 emitter, 16340 powered micro USB rechargeable LED Flashlight made by Wubenlight. The light and accessories arrived in this retail box with a blister pack inside. It’s a nice well written package design that catches the eye and has the pertinent details about the light on the box.

I tore it slightly getting it open.

Here’s a shot with all the goodies the TO10R comes with. The light, a 16340 cell, charging cable, lanyard, spare O-rings, manual, and inspection & warranty card.

It’s slightly large for a 16340 cell light, but it is a triple emitter with a magnetic base. It feels well made and solid in the hand.

Thank You Wubenlight! I loved the lanyard starting pin/guide on the lanyard. It made it so much easier to get it on the light. Nice attention to detail. Pretty straightforward quality lanyard. It came with two lanyards: a branded one and a more basic unbranded one of decent quality.

Again with the great attention to detail. The charging cord that came with the package is the nicest cord that has ever come with a flashlight I’ve received. Usually the cords that come with a light seem like an afterthought and are pretty basic. Not this one, it’s a very nice cord.

The included branded 16340 650mAh cell tests well for capacity and has a protection circuit. It performed well in the light and seems to be good quality. Unknown how many amps it can safely handle, but it appears adequate for it’s purpose in this light.

The charging port has a nice silicon rubber flap that fits well, sits flush, and seals tightly when closed. I had no issues with the charging port, cords tested went in fine and stayed in tight. I did do a dunk test and everything stayed nice and dry.

The charge rate on the built in micro usb charging circuit charges at a rate of 500mA. When charging begins on a discharged cell the light on the switch is red. Followed by a flashing blue as the voltage increases.

Lighted switch flashes while charging the cell.

When charging is complete at slightly under 4.2 volts the light turns solid blue.

The light has a printed pictogram showing the proper direction to insert the cell. Nice attention to detail again, as many lights do not have this.

There’s a rubber cover/ shield on the head/driver end of the light. I’m assuming it’s to help protect the driver and cell from impacts.

There’s a nice large spring in the tail end of the body tube for the negative contact. Its got a bit of travel and it allows for the use of different length cells since there is some length differences among brands and protection circuits. You can fit a 18350 cell in the beginning of the tube, but it has a taper towards the spring end and will not fit. I really wish that the tube was machined to allow for the bigger 18350 cell for more capacity. I have a few of those Aspire 18350 cells everyone likes so much. I am going to try to ream the tube larger and see if I can make it work. I started using a dremel on it, but gave up and will try a drill press or lathe setup.

The light breaks down by unscrewing into 2 main pieces plus the tail cap covering the magnet. The head/emitter end, the main body, and the tail cap covering the removable strong magnet. The threads were well lubed, square cut, and anodized. Sealed in all places by O-Rings. The light can be mechanically locked out by a slight loosening twist of the head for extra security from accidental activation. It also has a soft lock out feature by holding down both the power and mode buttons at same time for 3 seconds. The light will flash once when it’s been locked out. You unlock it the same way as you lock it, 3 seconds of holding down both buttons.

The tail cap is nice and smooth with machining on the side for the lanyard hole. Allows for a nice stable tail stand. Another well thought out detail. The knurling on the tube is somewhat smooth, but provides adequate grip. The size of this light makes it easy to grip as well.

Size wise the Wuben TO10R is a bit larger than most other 16340 size lights available to me. From left to right: 1. Wuben TO10R—>2. Ontheroad U16—>3. Jaxmnve M3 (olight/otr clone). I included these lights based on features, all three lights have magnetic tail cap, micro usb recharging, and side switches. The Wuben TO10R is the only triple emitter of the three however, keeping that in mind from a size only perspective.

The Carclo Optic triple TIR and lens gives the beam lots of flood.

The moonlight mode on this light is not as bright as in this photo, the exposure was bumped so that you could more easily see the flood from it. The 4 main modes are spaced very well, with the option of using the ramping UI for even more adjustment for the exact output wanted. There is some tint shift to greenish yellow on the edges when whitewall hunting . It didn’t bother me, but it may bother some people. The four factory stated mode levels are: Moon: 5 lumens (60h) Low: 35 lumens (12h) Medium: 200 lumens (3.2h) High: 650 lumens (1h) I did a run time test from the highest level and got very close to the stated run time and output levels. I prefer a lower moonlight mode, but I still like the light and consider it a keeper.

Run time graph showing the light running from highest mode until automatic shut off of light at just about 60 minutes. The output on highest mode was always testing a bit higher than the factory spec of 650 lumens with the other modes pretty close to published specs too.

I have no instrumentation to measure the color rendering of this light. All I can do is compare it to a light that I know has low CRI. The results here prove or disprove nothing except that the TO10R appears to have a higher CRI than the known low CRI light used in the example.

The magnet in the tail cap is super strong, making this a great light for lighting work areas and under the hood. In this shot it is barely making contact with the hood latch and hangs in there no problem even with a bit of shaking. With the floody triple emitters it really lights up stuff nice and smooth.

Weighing the Pros and Cons.
The Cons:
Some tint shift: Photo accentuating the tint shift on the left with a very close range photo. Tint shift really bothers some people, but others don’t mind it. I wish it could accept 18350 cells. I wish it had a pocket clip.

The Neutral:
In my opinion I think the light could benefit from a frosted lens or perhaps another emitter/optic choice. The proof: Same distance photo on the right with some added lens film. (DCFix) It seems most like a light for up close use.

The Pros:
Extremely nice machining, tooling, and fit & finish.
The package comes with all you need to start using a great light right away.
Comes with quality accessories and 16340 cell.
Well thought out features and attention to detail.
A great UI with easy to operate settings.
I have no doubts that it will hold up to some abuse.
Thanks for reading and considering the Wuben TO10R by http://Wubenlight.com