upgrade 12xt6 driver?

this flashlight is supper bright but i want more. is there any way i can upgrade it to push more power??,
i have read that the driver is extremely under powered for 12 t6

you can do a simple upgrade by putting thicker wires 20 or 22 AWG and add copper wires to both spring.
it should add some wow factor to it. That’s what I did for my 15 LEDs :slight_smile:

how did you open it up? pics?

20/22ga is a little thin for that kinda current, isn’t it? Intl-Outdoor sells some really nice silicone-insulated wire in 22 and 18ga, and it doesn’t cost a heck of a lot either. Only downside is waiting three weeks for it to get to you.

You have to disassemble the light and make a picture of the driver and led configuration, post these pictures and we could probably give some advice…
How many batteries do you use in your light?