UPS plane crash in Alabama

A UPS cargo plane has crashed in Alabama near Birmingham airport. Both pilots were killed. Interestingly this news article says in 2010 a UPS plane crashed in Saudi Arabia killing both pilots and the crash was blamed on a cargo of lithium batteries which caught fire:

Two souls lost :frowning:

God rest their souls.

Its been non-stop coverage all day here, pretty sad.

They say it was on fire before it hit the trees, but who knows till the NTSB weighs in. It had the traffic backed up around Birmingham for a few hours. I bet it really scared the people in the houses, being shocked awake by loud aircraft noise just over your roof at 5am had to be really scary. Happened so quick that there was no declared emergency from the pilots. The news said they were waiting for things to cool down before they could pull the flight data recorders.

Looking at this picture, there's hope that they might have survived. It's too bad they weren't lucky today.

Rest in peace to both pilots.
I hope it is not 18650s causing the tragedy. If it is, rootcause should be the packaging not done right.

They showed close ups tonight and the cockpit took heavy damage. It was a major impact for the flight deck, the latest pics of the nose area is ugly. At 5pm the tail section was still too hot to enter and was still smoking. It took out power poles and tree tops also.

those pilots is our comrade because they deliver the items (flashlight) we purchase online.
my condolences to their family :_(

A sad day.

Almost equally as sad as the 7 guys in the 747 in Afghanistan!

We’ll be praying for their families and those working the accident.

Hope they can figure out what happened and that it’s comparatively easily preventable in the future.