Urban Exploration / Geocaching

Sorry, was not sure which section to post this. I was curious if anyone did any urban exploration. I use my lights for urban exploration. Mostly going into old bunkers in Marin. I found a letterbox once and I knew it was a geochache right away from what I read before. I never did geocaching and not too familiar with it but it sounds like they hide a little tupperware box and you sign a notebook(Am I close?). In Marin, with all the hidden bunkers(some are massive complexes) would be a very neat place do to I figure. Surprised to find the one found hidden on a shelf in the old bunker which always goes unnoticed by people walking by. I also look through old abandoned buildings too. I use AA lights mostly because I have allot of my beloved Eneloops . PA40/S65 I used and now the TK41. I use them on highest mode cause I love light. San Francisco and Marin are usually where I'll go out and find old places or bunkers. I have a TK41 coming, I can't wait to use it. I hope it doesn't get outclassed for a while though.

Just wondering if anyone else at there does any urban exploration. I saw geocaching threads so maybe their are some others like me.

Thanks for taking the time to BLF.

Urbex doesn't need huge amounts of light. Try the Ultrafire UF-H* lights. i.e., headlamps.

Did you read my post?

I did. Urbex is mostly indoors by definition.

That does not require huge amounts of light. If you are exploring missile silos then YMMV.

If you need more, then look at caving lights. Which cost a fortune.

Your choice.

Your money.

When i said in my post above how i love light and use my lgiht on high often, i meant it. Doesn't matter to me if any situation requires an amount of light i like it on high cause i can. Always have it on high. I don't need any suggestions on light and am not really into headlamps. I was just looking to see if anyone else was into urban exploring or did geocaching that can explain it better to me.

Not looking for any lights. Although you don't need allot of light for urban exploring i love light and like it on turbo. The part of the hobby i like is blasting my light on high.

I'm already a big fan of hiking and taking nature walks at night, so it wouldn't be much of a leap for me. I'd need someone to show me the ropes though.

As far as the amount of light you like to use, I say just go for it. If you like to use lots of lumens then fire away!

Yeah that's what I wanted to hear, I love blasting lumens in an old bunker.

The more lumens, the merrier. Geochaching sounds like something I can get into. I am thinking of looking up some.


lots of fun for me.

The TK41 is awesome--I think you'll like it a lot. It's very much a thrower but it still has a nice usable spill.

If you ever needed to diffuse the light then there's an Olight diffuser that is almost a perfect fit.


Is letterboxing the same thing as geocaching?

I order the M31 diffuser hoping it ships soon. I get the TK41 real soon. Olights diffuser are awesome. The one that came on my S65 really spills the light well.

i did some urbex while geocaching, old mines and underground bunkers are one of my best experiences :)

you can watch some videos on yt about geocaching, there are a lot of different caches out there, some are more extreme than others (caves, under water, night caches,..) and i'm sure you will enjoy it :) you can even create your own, if you know nice bunkers for example

Something I would love to do... always wanted to check out abandoned mental hospitals, ever since I watched Session 9. Great bizarre movie!


Me too - in the worse way (except for the Session 9 part)!! I will have to check out that movie.

Just visit Don at work... should be bizarre enough. ;-)

Only watch it at night.

Where I live is a goldmine for urben exploration or geochaing. Everything from Bunkers and military installation from the civil war to the cold war and all are on the coast line and inland. Marin is a giant fortress hidden. Many Nike missile sights and the only preserved one in the country. Highest case gun in te country as well is here complete with 80,000sq foot complex. Getting in is tedious. Was featured on the show cities of the underworld. Just around the golden gate bride in the presidio you can find many bunkers and old buildings. Public health service hospital was an abandoned hospital, looks like a scary mental hospital when it was abandoned but it's apartments now. Tons of bunkers, gun batteries where you would least expect them and base end stations on the end of cliffs. Some gun bases slid down the cliffs as did some bunkers. Tourist here I am sure go geocaching hunting.

This is an example of a bunker hidden in hedge row and foliage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIB9ulH9yms

Here is a massive one I used to go into too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVhykm-Llmo&feature=related

Hunters point naval shipyard is entirely abandoned.(for good reason)

They are also going to place a case 16" gun back in the original case at battery Townsley. If you guys are ever in the bay area stop by Marin, you can view many installations all in walking/driving distance from one another. This is were I test my lights, or at this old bath house called sutro baths. I need a TK41 so I can blast light left and right.

I'ma try and light up to the top of the golden gate bridge at night and blast it with my TK41.

Thanks for posting the link, Russ. I have 4 caches in my neighborhood, all within walking distance. I'm going to find the first one tonight.

@AM - I am jealous. I've been to SF area twice and absolutely loved it. Spent a whole free day (at a conference) cycling around the bay area, including some of Marin Co/Sausalito, Golden Gate and Presidio, but I never realized all this stuff was here. Definitely on my to do list next trip out!


@AM - I am jealous. I've been to SF area twice and absolutely loved it. Spent a whole free day (at a conference) cycling around the bay area, including some of Marin Co/Sausalito, Golden Gate and Presidio, but I never realized all this stuff was here. Definitely on my to do list next trip out!


Yes there are many places in Marin to cycle, Conzelman Rd.is a crazy road to ride down. PM next time you come down i can tell you were many gems are to blast your flashlight at.

Your very lucky to have a job that gives you a free day!!! Man, I'd love a job like that.

The free day was the Saturday before the conference... Cool

But I am very lucky in who I work for.