US$21.99 of LT-CREE XM-L2 5000LM 100M Waterproof High Power White LED Diving Flashlight

I am offering the good price and cool quality of Diving flashlight for you. :bigsmile:

The shell uses aluminum alloy material
Waterproof, dust-proof and lightweight
Energy saving, long life span
Ultra bright LED light
Great for diving or everyday use
High power and efficiency

coupon : bf6605522b

Now only$21.99 hope you like it.

I like the 5000 lumens but would like more than one mode :wink:

Let me do the calculation once more: 5000 lumen out the front will need (at least!) 6000 led lumen, so 2000 lumen per led. The XM-L2 at 2000 lumen will draw 7A, that is 21A with the leds parallel (what they will be in a 2x18650 set-up), so about 12A at the tail. That is a steal for 22 dollar, that means a great driver, heavy duty copper springs everywhere, heavy-duty switch, massive ledwires etc.

Please stop lying about output: it will be 2000 lumen max (if we are lucky)!!!!

As a SCUBA diver, the other concern would be how accurate the depth rating is.

Do you mean 21A at the tail?
I agree that 5000 lumens is highly, highly unlikley

Even if it outputted 1,500-2,000 lumens, it’s not too bad of a deal, although I’m not a fan of the switch.

Why even bother? Of coarse they can’t stop lying. If they did their light will look week compared to all the other liars. A lot of sheeple that buy lights like this really do think they are 5000 lumens. I’ve spoken with intelligent people that have bought cheapo lights like this with sucky cells, and then say the run time is so low because the light is so darn powerful. You whip out a small light and say it’s about 800 lumens and they laugh… until you turn it on.

And then there are those that know it’s Chinese lumens, but not much more than that, so they half the lumens claim… So numbers are inflating so that those who always half now think they are getting a stronger light.

We are a minority.

Ok then, at least stop lying once you post on BLF :-(

With lights such as these I would generally divide (the specs) by a factor of ten!

should we expect the same thing from this light as the fake batteries you used to defraud a number of members out of last year? and then didnt even bother to respond to emails and private messages? you should be banned from this forum, thief.


I purchased a light from Tmart on the 10th from their US supply and was informed that it shipped on the 11th. I live in the US and I still HAVE NOT received my light yet! I clicked the tracking link in the tmart email confirmation and nothing happens.

Sooooo, I click on the worthless customer service link on the tmart web site and get thrown into a wait cue with 22 customers ahead of me to talk to a rep. WTF 1 hour and 35 minutes later, it disconnects me and tells me to try again. So I try again. THEN AGAIN IT HAS 22 PEOPLE AHEAD OF ME! AND AGAIN THE CS DEPARTMENT DISCONNECTED ME AFTER I WAITED ANOTHER 1 HOUR AND 47 MINUTES!!!

I could find no email address on their web site to ask for help so I searched google and found along with hundreds of customer complaints from angry people who would love to hunt them all down and choke them with their bare hands. Seriously… google tmart email address and read post after post of extremely angry customers. Of course, I received no email reply from their stupid company in regard to my question about where my light was. I also confirmed and called their US company number at 718-680-0976 and got the message “mailbox is full”.

Tmart, Hangfeng Wu (718) 680-0976 - 726 64th St. Brooklyn, NY 11220-4714. May you be visited by the many who you have ripped off to teach you a lesson in honesty.



Wow it must be xmas. I hope you have better luck finding a Chinese seller that ticks all the boxes for you. You have more than this post that is along similar lines. Maybe it would be better if you could find a local shop in your country to stop the frustration and yelling.

Tmart, Hangfeng Wu (718) 680-0976

The power of internet search

Seriously? Did you even read my post and understand? If youd be happy with such a non existent deceitful company, then I have a box of ashes Id love to sell you for $100. How about how they have also mistreated hundreds of other customers? Yeah, I have found a better seller… its all of the others. This company sooo needs to go out of business now. Not just from my experience with them but from the bad experience of hundreds of others.

did you file a paypal claim?

Did you try logging into your Tmart account, click on my orders, click on your order number, then scroll down below your LustFire K08 order details where it says Item Shipped? There should be a FedEx SmartPost tracking number there and tracking info below that. You can track it until they drop it off at the post office. And from USPS tracking from there.

I kinda like Tmart. I’ve only bought a couple of larger 3 x 18650 lights from them so far, but everything was fine. So far I’ve bought from Aliexpress, Tmart, Geekbuying, Fasttech, and Gearbest. No problems yet. My favorite so far is Fasttech just because their support and item descriptions aren’t always a joke. Their reviews are rigged like all the others, but their discussions of each item seem to be uncensored. For batteries I like Illumination Supply & Laptop Pulls :slight_smile:

  • Joe

I’ve did 3 ordered from them in the past month. No problems so far.

I bought a cheap flashlight from Tmart on 11/28/14

It arrived about 2.5 weeks later. No problem.

5000x .3 (actual close to reality output not Chilumens) = 1500 lumens

As djozz said “If were lucky”

Now what needs to be done is someone who has built a pressure testing vessel actually see if they can get it to say 50-75 meters equivalent and see if it stays dry…

Perhaps a review needs to be done :wink: