US based source for parts?

Hope this is in the right spot.

I’m looking for a US based seller of modding parts, mainly emitters/MCPCB’s mounted or bare. I know of Lighthound, but they don’t have many of the raw materials I’m searching for.

Illumination Supply

Wonderful. Thanks!

Any more? I’m gonna compile a list. :slight_smile:

LED Supply has been good excellent for me. Mostly oriented towards fixed lighting stuff but much of the smaller stuff is universal. Also the only source I know of for LEDseal, aerosol clear silicone for weatherproofing (or protecting naked de-domed LEDs).

They apparently have a code 10OFF that’s good till December, and the Luxeon rebel triples still on closeout ($6.99) and, now, free first class shipping (didn’t use to have that option, I think).

Carclo optics, including the triple optics, also, e.g.:

EDIT: Also, Digikey carries CREE emitters.

Awesome thanks for the info and links guys!