US Navy plans to equip ships with laser cannons

Heard this in the news today:


If it fries eggs, gotta get me one of these too!

I heard Iran just ordered lots of Bacofoil.

Just wait until they add lasers to some of these!


Great invention, one slight flaw……

It only works when its not raining or foggy :slight_smile:

Never mind, I would still like one to play with! (It never rains here or is foggy……)

its cheaper then a shot at the bar

on my dashboard for people that sit in the passing lane 0:)

Egads…kinda creepy watching them work.

I thought the US Navy is going to use the Railgun technology (I’m not sure if it’s still in the developmental stage today). I saw the experiments on YT. Well, I guess cost-effectiveness matters the most.

Appropriations count the most.

They are continuing to pursue both technologies as they have different mission objectives. It looks like the LaWS is a point-defense system against air targets - currently drones but I am sure they are continuing to work on an anti-missile laser system to replace Phalanx CIWS. It will also be great against small surface craft. The electromagnetic railgun will be a medium-range anti-ship and land attack weapon system. For long-range over-the-horizon attack they will continue to have Tomahawk for land attack and Harpoon for anti-ship.

my harnessed dogs make that thing look silly 8)

and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow

I’m sure your dogs are quieter too.

will they be using sharks with fricken laser beams?

:bigsmile: I wasn’t sure which would look creepier, the mules or “petman”:

petman is much creepier

and so is this


I think Geminoid F needs some lasers too, in case someone gets the wrong idea:

i believe they could only source ill tempered sea bass

They use jellyfish because of the efficiency at which jellyfish swim. Higher efficiency -> longer times between maintenance, more power for other equipment, etc.