[USA][Illumn] Armytek Wizard Pro XHP50 "Group Buy"(SPEC UPDATE)

It's been too long since I've been active here. To start off my actual re-entry back into the forum we're offering the Armytek Wizard Pro XHP50 at a group buy discount! The deal is best for USA members since international shipping is still too expensive.

We are a USA based authorized dealer and will carry the full warranty.

Please PM me for more information!

Do not reveal pricing outside of private PMs please.

Please note, to achieve highest output possible, please use a high discharge capable battery.

Wizard Pro XHP50 CW Specs:

  • LED: Cree XHP50 Cool White (~5000K-5500K from my estimates)
  • Modes: 2300 / 1250 / 500 / 210 / 100 40 / 7 / 2 / 0.25 LED Lumens
  • Runtime: 1h / 1h 40m / 4h 10m / 10h 40m / 50h / 12d / 40d / 200d
  • Beam Distance: 108m
  • Water Resistance: IP-68 10m
  • Drop Resistance: 10m

Wizard Pro XHP50 WW Specs:

  • LED: Cree XHP50 Warm White (~3500-4000K from my estimates)
  • Modes: 2150 / 1150 / 485 / 195 / 90 40 / 7 / 2 / 0.25 LED Lumens
  • Runtime: 1h / 1h 40m / 4h 10m / 10h 40m / 50h / 12d / 40d / 200d
  • Beam Distance: 105m
  • Water Resistance: IP-68 10m
  • Drop Resistance: 10m

! Important change regarding special modes !

I have confirmed with Armytek that the special modes has been changed from Strobe->Beacon->Voltage indication to Strobe->Beacon->Lower Beacon in the XHP50 V3 versions. The built-in side LED battery indicator still works as normal.

Here's a link to the manual, it's still not completely accurate, for example the 40 lumens should say 100 lumens but it's more accurate than the V2 manuals:


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Thermal Info:

Ambient Temp: 75F
Battery: Unprotected LG18650MJ1 3500mAH (10A CDR)

Image after ~2 min on Turbo 2 (Highest mode)
Max temp reached was around 150F, after which the built in thermal management system lowers output gradually to keep temp below ~150F

Color Temp Beamshot:

I took a quick beamshot, color balance may be a bit off, but you can get a relative gauge.

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