[USA][Illumn] GroupBuy Olight R50, H05, H05S


The initial Olight R50 Seeker, H05, and H05S batch is now in! We have limited numbers in this first wave and will ship immediately.

OLIGHT H05 Active (MAP $24.95)

The H05 ACTIVE is a compact and lightweight LED headlamp powered by two AAA batteries. It uses a Cree XM-L2 LED featuring a high light transmission rate TIR optic lens. It can deliver an output of 10-150 lumens to fulfill the demand of close range illumination. The H05 ACTIVE has two red indicator LED's for low light illumination.

  • Uses 2 x AAA
  • CREE XM-L2
  • Modes: 150->90 Lumens / 30 Lumens / 10 Lumens / Red
  • Runtime: 10+280 minutes / 10 hrs / 27 hrs / --- (with lithium AAA batteries)
  • Beam Distance: 55 meters / 750cd

OLIGHT H05S Active (MAP $34.95)

The H05S ACTIVE is a compact and powerful LED headlamp that is powered by two AAA batteries. It features a hands-free motion sensor mode and two indicator LED's. The H05S uses a highly luminous efficient Cree XM-L2 LED coupled with a high light transmission rate TIR lens providing a brightness level ranging from 10 to 200 lumens to meet the demands of close-range illumination. The headlamp has two red indicator LED's that can be constant or blinking. The H05S Includes a built-in infrared sensor that controls on/off through motion detection, visible low voltage indicator, and a battery installation indicator.

  • Uses 2 x AAA
  • XM-L2
  • Modes: 200->120 Lumens / 30 Lumens / 10 Lumens / Red
  • Runtime: 10+200 minutes / 8.5 hrs / 24 hrs / --- (with lithium AAA batteries)
  • Beam Distance: 60 meters / 900cd

Olight R50 Seeker (MAP $119.95)

The R50 Seeker is a USB rechargeable flashlight that delivers a maximum of 2500 lumens in a hand sized form factor. The R50 seeker features a Cree XLamp XHP50 LED with an orange peel reflector for the perfect light combination of distance and width. The R50 has over twice the light output of the previous R40 Seeker that featured the Cree XM-L2 LED. A 4500mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery is included to provide a run time of almost 4 days of light on a single charge. The light is charged through a standard Micro-USB charging port located on the tail cap of the flashlight. It also features a completely new tactile and translucent side switch for quick user response and mode switching.

  • Uses proprietary 4500mAh 26650 battery to utilize built-in micro-usb recharging
  • CREE XHP50
  • Modes: 2500->800 lumens / 1200->800 lumens / 300 lumens / 50 lumens
  • Runtimes: 2+ 150 min / 12 +130 min / 6 hrs / 50 hrs


Not active yet:

OLIGHT S2A (MAP $49.95)

The S2A Baton is a compact flashlight with a side switch and variable outputs. It uses Cree XM-L2 LED and runs on two AA batteries. Coupled with TIR lens of ultra light transmission rate, it can produce a balanced beam. The S2A Baton has five brightness levels and a strobe mode, with an output ranging from 0.5 up to 550 lumens. To improve hand holding and gripping experience, the main flashlight body is wrapped in skin safe soft silicon in black, and with various color choices - fluorescent blue/orange/gray.

  • Uses 2 x AA Batteries
  • CREE XM-L2
  • Modes: 550->300 Lumens / 300 Lumens / 50 Lumens / 10 Lumens / 0.5 Lumens
  • Runtime: 3 + 240min / 250 min / 30 hrs / 120 hrs / 100 days (On 2 x AA Lithium batteries)
  • Beam Distance: 110 meters / 3,000 cd
  • Built in timer (like S1)

Bump, no interest?

The H05 and H05s are intriguing!

That H05A looks like it would be lightweight and very good for close up stuff and the S2A looks interesting so I would go for either of those or both.

I’m interested, but shipping will kill it for me, that’s why I can’t buy from you anymore unfortunately. If I was in the US you’d be the only person I buy from, I’ve had nothing but perfect experiences buying from you.

Oh hey! It's been a while! Yeah I wish we could do something about our international shipping but we can't. Unless the US starts subsidizing shipping costs we're pretty much screwed :(

Hi Calvin, love the armytek headlamp.
What is the difference between the ho5 and the ho5s?
Does the motion sensor get accidentally triggered much?

I’m interested in the Olight R50 Seeker.

Yet another great looking Olight with no NW option.

I have 4 Ollights (S15, S15R, S20, S30) but the bluish/greenish tint on some (most) of them is preventing me from buying any more Olight flashlights, and I really liked the form/features of the S2.

Not sure why but AFIK they only offer CW in their lights. Strange when most of the other manufactures on their level are offering a NW/WW option. Plus haven’t they read all the complaints about the tint on their various models?

I guess I’d have to wait until it gets reviewed, maybe the XHP will have a nice tint.

H05 does not have IR sensor and has a slightly lower max output. The H05S also has a nifty feature where when you remove the batteries some + symbols glow to tell you which orientation to put the batteries. The Wave feature can be disabled.

Group buy is now active for the H05, H05S, and R50 Seeker models! Please PM me directly with the model you're interested in.