[USA] ☀︎ Illumn: PB2S Blue, Red, Yellow. FW1A (waiting on SST-20), FW3A in stock and shipping

We figured it would be nice for our customers.

Thank you for your support!

Glad to hear it arrived quickly!

Do you guys plan on stocking the Turbo Glow FW3A button caps?


Our source is producing them currently!

I was able to work the retainer ring out using a very small flatblade screwdriver in the cutout area. I now have a swirly switchcap on my FW3C and I replaced the silver clip with a black one. So much mo’ betta’ Now iffn that turboglow gasket in lava would show up from China. I should have ordered from Calvin&Bro….still may as I think the lava would compliment the Zinfandel colored FW3A also.

Received my purple 219C FW3A and lava color glow gaskets among other stuff I ordered from Illumn. The metallic purple is really good looking. The lava GITD gasket is also very bright and color is excellent! I posted my test results of the 219C here.

Good to hear!

I just tested 8 NCR18650GA that I bought from Illumn.com

I tested the discharge capacity and it is the highest capacity batch of NCR18650GA I’ve seen and the highest capacity 18650 cell money can buy at the moment. Get them before this batch sell out.

Did you get the flat top or button top?

button top

That's actually amazing and completely surprising.

I tested the Acebeam 16340 550mah from Illumn and got 657mah. The same cell that came with the Acebeam TK16 measured 617mah. This is the best high current 16340 on the market. I highly recommend it if you want the highest output. If you want the highest capacity but still higher current than most, get the Vapcell 16340 800mah.

Just to be clear it is NOT protected right?

Not protected

Hey Illumn, when can i expect Malkoff V3 nichia drop ins to start shipping? Waiting is killing me...

Shipping is expected within 48 hours.


Any coupon codes for Malkoff dropins/lights for BLF members?

Any plans to stock Molicel P28A or more 10440s?

There was only a pre-order discount available on the Malkoff dropins.

We're told the P28A was discontinued due to poor performance, will be listing Vapcell 10440s soon.