USA - Looking for 3xAA Battery holders - Anyone? USA

Anyone got any 3AA battery holders similar to this?


I need three of them, if anyone has any to spare. Color does not matter. Just as long as they are 3AA.

PM me if you do, please.



I’ve got about six of those things, but they’re in one of very many identical bins in my barn - you’d get a shipment from kaidomain before I find them (still unpacking from move) sorry :frowning:

If no body comes up with some. I know you can order parts from them. Maybe they would come quicker than from china. Not sure though just an idea

O-L, I thought with your homemade drill press you were going to making those yourself?

Truth of the matter is, it’s so much easier just replacing the strips in these with copper. LOL, I’m getting to like easier.

Dorcy only has AAA holders, that I can find.