(USA Members Only)Fill out the survey and pick up your solar wall lights(Total 20 Winners)

Hello all BLF members,

We just launched a survey giveaway here: https://brandlitom.typeform.com/to/RWDEW5

Hopefully, you won't miss it!
Enter now: Solar Wall Lights Survey

Winners: 20
First Prize: 5*$29.99 Solar Lights Outdoor, with 3 Lighting Modes
Second Prize: 5* $19.99 Solar Motion Lights Outdoor, Enhanced 63 LED Solar Lights
Third Prize: 10* $21.59 Solar Security Lights Solar Lights Garden
1. Finish the survey;
2. Open to USA users only;
3. 20 Winners would be chosen around April 29th of 2020;

Thanks all!


Betty from ilitom.com

There are over 200 surveys collected! Thanks all for your participation!

any members here do the survey

Didn’t even noticed there was one…

Not me; I will let someone else pet the dog first, to see if it bites.

I did a survey way back, re nightlights. Nice. Got (won?) a 6pak of WW nightlights.

Tried again re book-lights, but didn’t win. :stuck_out_tongue:

No hitches, just the occasional email to the acct you give to communicate re shipping addresses, etc. If I got even a dozen “sales” emails all this time I’d be surprised, so you’re not gonna get swamped with emails like almost-daily emails from BG or anything.

What is this photo. “Let’s all stare into the blinding light, wow isn’t it amazing”

Thanks for the giveaway, Betty!

(I'm not in this one.)

I entered the giveaway for book lights, and did not win, so I bought one of the book lights for my mom.

She hasn't used it yet, but it has great reviews on Amazon.

Thank you so much Betty, I did the survey.

I have elderly parents that stay with me sometimes and use your indoor nightlights that turn on when it gets dark all over the my apartment. Hallway, kitchen, bathroom. This allows them to get up at night and know where to go and not have to search for a light. They are very good and I always intended to write a review with pictures.

If I had solar outdoor lights I would bring them to my parent’s house so they could sit in the back yard with the puppy.

Thanks again

Thanks all! We have now 310 entries for this survey giveaway, thank you all! and there is only one day left! On April 28th, if you won, we would send you email to tell you which solar light you won and ask for a shipping address!

The prize would be sent on time! And you can be assured!

Great! Hopefully you can win this time!

Thanks a lot! We won’t let you down, you will win someday!

I love Litom. I bought a few of your solar lights to put around my house for security purposes. I bought them on Amazon over a year ago. All of them still work, and they are all super bright. I didn’t take the survey but wanted to thank you for making a quality product at a reasonable price. Thanks Litom!

Update: Went ahead and took the survey

Thanks for your honest feedback, and we will continue to offer high-quality products for our members!

Today I received some products made by Litom. They look well-built.

Soft .5w 3000k glow darkness-activated sensor to automatically light up your walk-ways, bedrooms, etc.
Note: Due to cellphone camera tint aberration, the 3000k tint of this light is not fully depicted here:

The photo below shows more the warm 3000k tint:

I just finished the survey. Thanks for the chance at winning!

Thanks for sharing, Tata!

I tried last time didn’t win anything but they did offer me some “free” lights if I’d write a review for them and after the review I’d get credit for the lights. I felt that was “work” and not really winning, so I passed. Winning means no purchase necessary without conditional review writing :slight_smile: Although I did do that in the past for other products, I’d rather they ask directly instead of hiding behind a “giveaway”. YMMV.

Yes, my friend, you are right, the giveaway is not different from the review offer; Our this survey giveway don’t ask any review, you can win by entering the survey;

Dear all,

The solar wall lights Winners announced here: LITOM

If you won, you will get the email for a shipping address!

Please check your email timely!