USB 2 Port Hub DCP Enumerator / Charge Adapter V2

In post #55 you are clearly missing thermals. Halo… recommended turning on thermals, I agreed.

so it “needs” thermals?

I figured since it might be pulling up to 2A thru the connectors the thermals might not be a good idea…arrrgh

It doesn’t absolutely need thermals but its best to use them. Without thermals you can have issues. Parts heat unevenly when soldering, might get tombstoned components. Perhaps even cause more thermal stress leading to a higher chance of failure. Ceramic capacitors don’t like stress.

The thermal connections are so short they only add a very tiny amount of resistance here. 3 or 4 thermal connections 0.254mm long, 0.45mm wide.

Ok, I will correct, and put the status LED back on

I have the above revision already inbound…so future purchases will have them

Also have the parts inbound…definitely want to test out current draw capabilities of devices thru the DCP…so far none of my devices will pull over 1A thru the charge doctor…I also have 3-5’ long cords so the losses in the cords could be rather large

Alright, got em in, built one and tested

Using a variable voltage/variable current module

I set regulation for 5vdc (screwed up and forgot to up the max current, couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting more than 70mA thru it…duh, went back shorted output leads thru ammeter on multimeter, set for max of 2.5A)

Here is charge into my phone straight out of front of computer thru the charge doctor (data enabled)

here is thru the DCP enumerator (data pins connected to the enumerator chip setting charge levels)

I don’t have a high current iphone or iPad to charge so I don’t know if it will push the max 10w or 2A out
but I did see marked improvement over regular downstream USB charging ports…I however think that it would just be easier for most applications to just provide resistor pads and solder a 100Ω resistor shorting the D+ and D- pins and setting it for 1A, would be cheaper and most devices can’t pull 2A for charging…will still test, maybe my daughters tablet will be able to pull 2A

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics (oh and the box w/ LED behind the DC-DC regulator is my desulphator rocking away desulphating my motorcycle battery [in case you were wondering] also a test [the 13.5 should be 13.4vdc (float voltage, the desulphator uses about .33-.35A so the rest is slowly charging the battery, it started at approx .36A so it seems to be increasing the charge going in…maybe it’s working!])

Not being an electronics DIY type any more I bought the 5 smart port 40 watt AC input USB charger that Anker offers. Listed as capable of providing up to 2.4 Amps per port up to 40 Watts split between the 5 output ports as at least one Apple device can now take up to 2.4 Amps from a USB port while charging.

Are you able to measure the current, confirm your getting 2.4 A?

Yes, and the current reading on the multimeter was almost exact same current reading as what was showing on the USB doctor

Sorry, I asking about Richwouldnt’s Anker 40W 5-Port Charger w/ “PowerIQ​”.
I already figured you had checked your USB doctor for accuracy WarHawk.

I do not have any USB device that draws that much but they keep going up so fast in current draw I suspect that it will not be long!

Looks like an inline/passthru version of what I made (well of the stand alone one I used as my inspiration), interesting!

Time to possibly do some tweaking huh?

Just need the board, a male/female USB connector, the cap and the TPS2514 and VOILA

Just remember that the max current output is still dependent upon the current output of the charging device…a 1A wall wart will still only be able to push 1A max…the 3 boards I have on my throw away 250watt ATX powersupply…I had 6 devices charging each over 1A

Oh and my boards do go up to 10WATTS or 2A, my wife and I got a new tablet and phones on our cell phone plan and shaved $40 a month to boot…the tablet pulls 1.6~A, our phones pull 1.3~ plugged into these with approx 1ft cords, about 10-15% less on the 1m cords

I gotta say WarHawk-AVG, that looks pretty sweet.

I am interested in your boards for some other applications, but for home use, I think I’m going to pick up a couple of these 50w chargers with 6 autosensing ports.

Uglier than a mud fence…sure…but the 250Watt power supply was destined for the trash pile or recycle bin

Just built em up and tied into the 5vdc rail…charges ALOT of stuff w/ ease now

Sure I coulda bought me one of those already made and pretty looking ones…but where is the fun in that :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice thing is…I can take the 12vdc rail, put a connector on it…and tie it into my NiteCore i4 12vdc port and charge w/ that at the same time…heck 3 of em (12vdc rail has 14A+ easy)

WarHawk-AVG, have you seen this project?


and present on Github (as mentioned on DangerousPrototypes of course): GitHub - Galvant/usb_wrapper-pcb: KiCAD project files for the USB Wrapper project

yes, it was what made me want to incorporate the IC, and make an automatic version of that, no switches, plug it in does it itself, working on design…moved cap closer to VCC pin on design (could be why it smoked the IC’S ), even managed to shave. 5 mm on length, just need to fix the USB out pad dimensions, and get new boards, going to also make a componentless dedicated DCP 1A/USB wrapper as well (DIY cost for those will be $2~ a piece )

Did I miss a post where you talked burning ICs?

That would be on the passthru “charge booster” version of these in this thread, the 2 port ones are working like a champ!

Now you can’t trust anything from China…

this will block that :wink:

Actually all three of my DCP boards will block juice jacking as it disconnects the data pins

One is hard wired for 5watts or 1A charge rate the others use the IC that auto ranges the charge pattern for up to 10watt 2A charge rate

USB Charge Booster - Passthru DCP Enumerator [Final] <- w/ IC

USB DCP/USB Wrapper Adapter [Final] <-w/o IC