USB-C Charger


Just getting into the flashlight game. I have a Convoy S2+ SST20 and Sofirn SP32 on the way. I haven’t ordered a charger yet, only the cheapo Sofirn battery+charger combo, but I have heard that the Sofirn charger can charge at a high voltage and potentially be dangerous? I am looking to get a USB charger so I can minimize the amount of power supplies. I am currently thinking about getting the Nitecore UMS2 since it has a nice contained package, but I am wondering if anyone knows of a USB-C powered charger? All my other devices are USB-C so it would be great if I can avoid micro USB. I did see the XTAR PB2S, but it doesn’t support 18500 or 18350 which I think I’ll get in the future.

How many cells do you want to be able to charge at one time?

2 to 4. I am okay with either one.