USB DCP/USB Wrapper Adapter [Final]

OK, component-less Dedicated Charger Port adapter and USB Wrapper [final]



No IC’s or capacitors to solder, only 2 USB SMD ports

Data pins on the output side are shorted ensuring 1A charge rate to device, and still acts as a USB Wrapper and won’t let data pass thru it.
You can either make a charge only cable by cutting it open, splicing the data pins together shorting them, then heatshrinking it closed, or plug a regular data enabled USB cable into this then plug it in.

USB Type A SMD female

USB Type A SMD male
2 layer board of 0.62x0.69 inches (16x18mm). $2.10 for three.


final correction, removed the GND vias, and ran a trace between the ground pads

Got the boards in…soldered the USB connectors on…wouldn’t work…then saw the GND vias had stop around the copper

Prototype I just bridged between the pins, it works well

Corrected the design, just removed the GND vias and ran a trace on the board between the pins

Tested and got .81A (cable losses) to my phone that using my DCP enumerator boards pulls 1.1A

The prototype design is tested and works w/ slight modification, current board will work well for pulling 5 watts safely from unknown charging ports

Can you provide ebay link’s to the connector’s you’re using? I’d like to order in bulk from China.

I get these from digikey, they are SMD the ones on fasttech are thru hole

DCP Enumerator w/ IC and capacitor (up to 10W 2A charge signature) thread

Sorry for the lousy picture

Top board is the DCP Enumerator w/ IC and capacitor, Bottom board is component less, only USB jacks, data pins are shorted on output side (will only be able to charge at up to 5W or 1A max [bottom prototype also had a via “stop” problem and the via’s weren’t connected to the ground plane so no current flow, I had to jumper the pins, release board has the fix on it)

Either way, both of these act as a USB wrapper and will prevent juice jacking or allowing data to flow to any unknown USB port

are these assemble-it-yourself, with some (or all?) of the parts available as a bundle somewhere?
I’m not quite yet to the “get the board from Oshpark and build it” stage, though I guess that’s where we’re all headed.

This (the item in the OP) is a simple board with only two components. The components are one male and one female USB connector. WarHawk-AVG links to both parts in the OP.

The PCB has two functions:

  • It holds the parts together
  • It shorts the data pins together on the device side and leaves them disconnected on the host (PC) side.

The purpose is to enable 1A fast charging (that’s what shorting the pins does) while preventing any form of “juice jacking”.