USB Rechargeable 18650 MecArmy U18-34

New 3400mah 18650 from MecArmy. I’ve never seen this before with the USB charging built into the battery. Not sure what the charging current is. Has a red light when charging and green light when fully charged. I generally like to use dedicated chargers, but I prefer this method over having charging ports on lights that compromise waterproofing. What do you think?

Length : 70.6mm
Weight : 40.2g

Affordable price here.

Cheers ^:)

I’m not a fan of Ultrafire branded batteries. From time to time these are just junk.
I’d rather recommend Lumintop LM34C which is also well priced.

But I have to note Folomov 18650 which is not just a cell with a built-in charger but a cell with a built-in powerbank. It’s costlier than the above options, but not that much.

I’d like to also note Klarus 18GT-36UR. It is very expensive, but it’s rated for 10A discharge current.

The MecArmy battery might be the same colour as the Untrafire one, but there, I suspect, the similarities end.

HKJ’s review of the MecArmy was posted here when it first appeared, and he rated it “good”. Charge current iirc is 0.5A

I bought one a couple of years ago, and it fits most of my 18650 lights, apart from the Zebralight sc600 and a couple of others (length was an issue in HKJ’s review). Handy thing to have, rather than cart a charger around.

Yeah, since most people will have their cell phone with them, one power supply could charge both the phone and this battery, without needing a charger bay to stick it in. But, I will continue using a dedicated charger for now.