use newspaper to clean flashlight lens

i have use newspaper to clean my car windows for many years. the ink makes the glass very clear. it just occur to me that perhaps i should try it on my flashlight lens. anyway, just wanna share. in case u are not doing it already. do not use glossy paper, u want to use the kind that allows the ink come off easily.

I would only try this if my newspaper happened to be made of microfibre cloth.Wink

Make sense if you have a glass lens. Just don't try it on plastic lenses.

I thought that only worked with old newspapers. Different kind of ink used.

It's ok. But just get a glass cleaner like Kiwiclean or something, and some microfibre.

Why would you use newsprint when there are plenty of purpose made glass cleaning cloths available?

We gave up wiping our bums with newsprint 50 years ago, time to move on, it may a been used out of necessity in the past but that day has long gone.

yes, i know microfibre works great too.

but the newspaper ink can polish the glass as well (or at least that's what i thought until kragmutt pointed out that the ink used is different nowadays.)

anyway, i just wanna share something here. i am sure there are plenty of other products out there that can get the job done.

but i pick newspaper because it is cheap/free which fit this forum's theme.

When I was in the air force, in the days before we had service numbers because everyone knew each other and Pontius was a pilot.

Sorry about that, we used newspaper to clean windows too.

Newspaper is great for windows in the apartment or for cars, because they are big patches to clean and you do not need it to be sparkling clean. A microfibre would get used up pretty quick (and you can't really wash that, but boiling it works to a certain extent). A good $5 professional grade microfibre from Kimberly Clark Professional costs only like 3 bucks, and you can use it literally for years to clean your flashlight lens. You'd need a lens to be sparkling clean, especially if you pass a lot of lumens through it and each and ever speck is visible when you pump it on high (though it looks 100% clean when switched off).

At least that's my experience. :)

Got to ask, where do you get the $5 one for $3?

I think my newspapers still contains black ink made of soot and oil?

Looks like it, if you rub it against a white cloth.

Knew an old man who had trouble getting a spare bearing for the

cam belt tensioner on his 20 year old Fiat. He took ash from his fireplace to

get it working smoothly again. Repair lasted for many years.


I mean it's local currency. It's being sold for $5 (Kimberly Clark blue one) but i purchased it at $30 for 10. I use it for my house mirrors. I also got some cheaper ones for 9pcs for $10.

If i am not wrong it's this one :

It definitely cleans better than those made in china $1 per pc ones (still leaves a wee wee bit of lint). The KC one leaves absolutely no lint at all. This is very obvious for a flashlight lens with 2500 lumens passing through it. Cycle through the modes, less lumens and it's less obvious.

Very very nice. I just ordered some Kimberly Clark Green (pack of 6) for about $9 shipped.

I can't wait to give them a try!