useful flood between uf-2100 and xeno e03 xml

Hey guys, I wanted to know for those of you who have both the uf-2100 (3mode or 5mode version that are doing the 3+ amps on high) as well as the xeno e03 xml, if you think there is a significant gain in wow factor as well as increased useful flood area for the uf-2100 over the xeno (using 14500 of course). Thanks for your thoughts.

..we've got about the same stuff, interesting. (sipik (i took the romisen instead), Xeno, Quark AA, Xtar 18700, Trustfire Flames 14500), and i was also looking into the Preon stuffz and 4Sevens Friday blitz sale). instead of the Keygos, i bought an EagleTac T20.

i'd be also interested in the UF comparison..

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I do not know the real difference, I only have the Xeno, but the uf-2100 is driven harder ( in theory, that is the chineese driver lottery), and it should have more useful light, but that is just the theory in my head, lets see if anyone has both to compare.

I have NW E-03. UF-2100 has more flood than E-03. About 25% more flood I think. 2100 is brighter of course and with more defined hotspot whereas the e03 is more on flood. What’s wow factor, output? In that case uf-2100 over E03.

Totally agree with Leelou as I own the 5-mode UF-2100 and the NW E03 too.
The WOW-factor is much bigger with the UF-2100 and it has a wider beam with tighter hotspot and it´s quite throwy too, for
an XM-L.
The E03 has a more uniform, floody beam.
The UF-2100 gets hot pretty quick though and it´s not as EDC-friendly as the E03 as its wider and longer.

Just another question as I only have the Xeno with XM-L version.

How is the XP-G version compared with it?

I have got another similar one with XP-G driven at 1.5A and I like more the relationship between throw and flood, I imagine it could be more or less the same with the Xeno but I can't be sure not having it.

yavi, check this post @CPFMP ;)

He compares WW XM-L and WW XP-E

the uf-2100 is a ridiculous light in a small package..just saying lol

Well wow factor would be the same reaction you and I got when we tried the xeno with 14500's. I'm wondering if there is that same kind of reaction with this uf-2100 or if it will be a case where I'm jaded and say "hmm, its bright and floody but the xeno e03 is almost just as bright and floody" or if I'll say "wow this uf-2100 has so much additional flood and light that I don't really want to carry my xeno anymore for any close range work"... something along those lines. But I will probably just get this thing anyway. Now just waiting for a decent sized DD coupon to show up.

In that case the E-03 is hard to beat. But the 2100 has a wow factor of it’s own. They’re both wow good so what you will prefer to carry depend more on size than output. Get them both they’re great.
They also get hot fast so I guess that’s one more thing they share.

In my opinion the E03 is not worth twice the price of a slightly discounted UF-2100 from DD.
I’d rather buy the Balder SE-1 XM-L for $23 as I like the shape better over the E03 and the SE-1 also have a decent clip which the E03 is lacking.

Here is a tip though. The UF-2100, 3 mode, is VERY bright on High but dim on Low. The 5 mode is better because of that. It gives you an Medium that makes the light more useful but you also get strobe and SOS.

Some 3 mode can be modded to 5 mode pretty easily. There is a big thread about that here.

I EDC my E03 V3 every day. 2100 is a bit too big for that.

There is a thread on here that some guy started that says that Fenix pocket clips fit the E03 and cost $2.50 delivered.

Xeno clip thread:

UF2100 clip thread:

I have both...actually started with the Yezl version, which is almost identical. I got the Xeno afterwards and was underwhelmed, if that helps you. I love my UF2100 and EDC it with the clip. I've also ground off the lanyard ring on the clip, which makes it slide in my pocket a bit easier.

Thanks for those descriptions

Yup, I already have the e03. But here's the funny thing, I've found that my quark aa's beam is actually wider than my xeno's. Now the xeno definitely has more flood within that smaller beam, but I found the quark w/14500's were providing 95% of the usefulness of the xeno's flood, had a wider overall beam and a nice hotspot as well. I guess I'm wanting a little more useful flood from something that I would carry as a dedicated flooder. In this search I also looked at the balder se-1 xml but I wanted to have something driven a little harder with the xml and it seems this uf-2100 may be just the ticket.

Yes, I had read from several posts of people's desire for a medium on this light and decided if were to get it I would get the 5 mode. Thank you for the reminder

Very helpful, thank you very much.

Thanks everyone for your comments and opinions, I decided to order this puppy. Now I just have to forget I ordered this so I'm not going crazy at the mailbox in anticipation.

jk3 you can have a look at my impressions and pics of the Balder SE-1 and UF2100 here.

Received this puppy and I love it.

The overall beam diameter is about 25% (possibly more) larger than the xeno e03.

The uf-2100's center hotspot is brighter than the xeno's center hotspot.

The uf-2100's spill areas are brighter than the xeno's spill.

The fact that the Xeno's brightness range between its hotspot and spill is closer can be a plus for some situations where you want or need a uniform light, but the greater brightness in the spill as well as the larger beam diameter of the uf-2100 makes it seem like I have much greater peripheral vision while walking or if I were looking for something in the dark. However, the range difference between the uf-2100's hotspot and spill is also larger than the xeno, so that a hotspot stands out more than the xeno's, but its not so much that it takes away from its great side spill flood usefullness by blinding you in the center.

indeed it is.

All in all I love this light. Hope any of this info helps.

considerably, than the xeno, and not nearly as well built.